3 household things you mustn’t skimp on

wooden-spoon-1013566_960_720Many of us are house proud. But many of us are far too focused on the aesthetic and because of this we often reach for cheap-but-good-looking buys rather than investing in quality goods. Quality household items don’t always come in fancy colours or with beautiful designs. But the fact that they will last you a long while means you’ll save money, and who needs a multicoloured vacuum cleaner anyway?


A vacuum cleaner is a great example of the type of household item you simply shouldn’t skimp on. Of course, quality vacuum cleaners can cost you a small fortune, but the better the quality the more chance of it lasting you for years and years. And there’s nothing better than buying something once and not having to worry about replacing it anytime soon. Kitting out your house with quality appliances and items can feel daunting. After all, nowadays very few people have cash to splurge on fancy homeware, but buying the necessities once as opposed to having to replace them every year or so. And you achieve this by purchasing the highest quality you can.


Here are three household items you simply cannot skimp on.


Kit out your kitchen


This means spending money on good appliances, crockery, and cutlery. Yes, this sounds like you’re about to fork out a small fortune but it’s important for both savings and safety’s sake. A sharp knife is safer than a blunt one. Apply this to all the items in your kitchen or you’ll find yourself suddenly unable to make your favourite meal. You might even end up having to cancel your dinner arrangements or worse, ending up dealing with a safety hazard. In the case of knives, make sure all your cutlery and cooking utensils are up to scratch or you and your guests might end up facing a potential accident.


Similarly, consider investing in energy efficient appliances that will save you on your electricity bills. This might see you spending money on gas operated appliances, but again you must buy quality items as gas is volatile and you don’t want an accident to happen.


Ensure sweet dreams every night


Have you ever considered how much time you spend in your bed? Some say that it could be up to a third of your life that you spend snuggled up dozing and dreaming. It’s worthwhile to invest in a quality bed and bedding sets so that you are always well rested and can look forward to climbing into it each evening.


No matter your preference of comfort, whether you like a firm bed or something more cloud-like, you can find the mattress to suit your needs. By purchasing a high-quality bed and mattress you can also rest assured that you will have a “just like new” level of support for years to come. The pain of investing a large sum of cash into a new bed is nothing compared to the pain of either a sore back or constant sleep deprivation. Pain or being constantly tired can lead to  unhappiness at work and in your personal life.


Spending money on your sheets, duvets, pillows, and covers means you can create an optimum sleeping nook for yourself. If you choose to spend some money of quality bedding then make sure to follow the wash and care instructions so they remain well-maintained.


Choose a luxurious lick of paint


Many homeowners choose to give their homes a fresh coat of paint when things are looking a little worse for wear. Having your home repainted will cost you. But what’s worse than spending your money is choosing to paint and hiring a professional service who does a shoddy job. If you really are stretching your money then perhaps look into painting your property yourself but whatever you do, don’t cut corners on the quality of paint.


The problem with cheaper paints is that they are often thinner or diluted which means, to get the colour you truly want, you’re going to need to use a lot of paint and it’s going to take a lot of time. Also, you don’t want paint that’s filled with harmful chemicals or that will bubble or even easily chip. You should look into a paint that is environmentally friendly and long lasting. Make an effort to consult with experienced painters or even decorators who have some insight into quality paint and care.