4 affordable decor ideas for small spaces

You’re finally moving into an apartment. This is an exciting milestone as you enter a new phase in your life; living on your own. Of course, to truly appreciate your new sense of freedom, you have to turn the space into your own by decorating it the way you see fit. However, there are things which can hinder you from creating your sanctuary. This can include there being many small spaces, you don’t have many affordable decor ideas, or there are tough rules stipulated by the landlord. 

Both those factors must not stop you from creating a space where the decor makes you feel at home and at peace. This is the place where you will be coming back to after a long day. A place where you host get-togethers with your friends and family, so you need to be happy with your space. This is why we have written an article on how you can decorate your apartment on a budget and still breathe new life into it. So, read our article below for ideas on how you can breathe new life into your flat. 

Choose the right furniture for any small space

Finding an affordable flat that fits your budget is the easy part, but decorating can become difficult, especially if you have a small space. This is why you need to choose the right furniture for your apartment; furniture that will breathe life into it, without cluttering your space. A helpful decor idea for small spaces is to always shop with a measuring tape and know the dimensions of the space. This will ensure that you decorate the way you see fit, without making your spaces smaller than it already is.

To cut back on the cost of furniture, you can shop around at second-hand furniture stores or antique furniture shops where you’ll be able to furnish your flat on a budget. Antique and second-hand stores have a wide range of good quality furniture which you can buy. If you are into DIY apartment decorating, you can redecorate the furniture you bought. With a few tools and paint, you get to create the furniture you dreamed of while also saving money. 

Add some texture to your small space 

A secret to beautifying your space is using different textures. So, find ways in which you can incorporate wood and textiles that have patterns. For example, you can add a rustic coffee table in your living room, a patterned rug and scatter cushions. Those few items can change the feel of the room as it gives the eyes something to look at. You can incorporate this into other spaces of your home too, as it will help give your place personality while also making it interesting and cosy. Other examples of texture are plants, books, and curtains with a pop of colour, so, play around with a few patterns and see how they can liven up your space. 

Play around with mirrors 

Every interior design cannot get enough of mirrors. Whether you are trying to make your small living room area feel bigger or you simply want to add a dramatic flair to your space, a mirror is a perfect way to go. Playing around with mirrors also has other benefits like; helping you create your own personal style and enhancing or creating a focal point. So, make sure you start playing around with mirrors and see where you can add it to your home. Or if you want to kill two birds with one stone, you can purchase mirrored furniture. That way you’re not only furnishing your home, but you’re also sprucing up your space with a bit of personality. 

Allow natural sunlight to come inside and naturally improve your decor

Another way to breathe new life into your apartment is to allow natural light to come in. This is more than an apartment decor idea as it also has health benefits to it. Natural light is a great way to boost vitamin D; it can help ward off seasonal depression, improve sleep and can help reduce health risks caused by fluorescent lighting. To get more sunlight in your home you can:

  • Open your curtains more often.
  • Add more mirrors and shiny objects, as natural light can reflect off mirrors; bringing in more light.
  • Use reflective colours like white whenever you can. 
  • Clear the space around your window so the sunlight can come in. 
  • Keep your windows clean. 

Final thoughts 

Your opportunities are endless if you know where to start. Fortunately, many rental companies, for example, Johannesburg Housing company offer affordable rental flats. However, turning it into a home and breathing life into it is your job as the tenant. Yes, you cannot repaint or tear down walls, but you can invest in the right furniture, decorations and the use of natural light to change the feel of your space. So, take some time and shop around to see what you wish to add to your space.