4 ways to make a rental feel like home

There are not a lot of us who can afford to own property. What’s more, those of us who do manage to find the funds to purchase a property often rent it out in an attempt to cover the bond and eventually turn a profit. But, in reality, there are many young adults and millennials out there who are renting their homes because it is simply more cost-effective than paying off a bond.

carWhen you’re renting a property though you are limited in how many changes you can make to the property. You cannot make drastic, structural or even aesthetic changes to the property without the permission from the owner. If you do want to make some serious changes then you need to consider who is going to pay for them. If the alterations come from your pocket then you have a great home to live in for as long as you are there. But when you leave you will have pushed money into a property that is no longer your home. So perhaps the owner should pay for the changes, but they are trying to keep costs low so that they can make as much profit as possible off your rental. Or, if they are new property owners then they are trying to pay back the property’s bond and they likely don’t have funding to make changes or renovate.

When you decide to rent, as a lessee, you are actually accepting the property as is. If you want things to be different you should choose a property that attends to your living arrangements and needs. Once you have moved into your new rental you can set about making it your own. And, this doesn’t mean renovations or major changes. You can make the space particular to your style by including temporary changes and stylistic pieces. These will make you feel comfortable and happy about your new home.

Before moving in ask about things like being able to paint, or being allowed to apply wallpaper or installing curtain rails and removing the blinds and so on. But be clever about it. If you change the light fittings, for example, then keep them stored away so that if and when you decide to vacate the property you can reinstall the original fittings.

Once you have moved in try and imagine you do own the space and have an idea of what you would do with it if you had no restrictions. Then begin to whittle down your options until you know what will be temporary enough that you can do to the property to ensure it screams your style.

Here are four easy ways to make a rental feel like home:

Lighting is one of the easiest ways to update your look

You can really personalise your space with the type of lighting you use. Consider the difference between an antique chandelier and a geometric, metallic light shade with an Edison bulb. The impact on the ambience between the two, is enormous. A rustic style lounge area would not do well with a white light and you would create more synchronicity in the space if you changed it to a warm light with an oversized shade that gives a warm hue. But, if you are going for a modern and minimalistic look then consider removing all shades and using frosted, white light bulbs.

Nail it to the wall

Most rental properties will allow you to knock nails into the walls as they can be easily filled and painted over once you’ve moved out. So, if you can’t change the colour of your walls then choose items that you can hang on your walls to create a feature wall and include the colour you’re after in your frames and prints.

Give your space a facelift by playing with curtains

Bare windows open up a space but they also make it cold. Whether you are one for blinds or curtains there is a plethora of designs and colours available in both types of window coverings. You can choose whatever suits your style and these are easy to remove when you decide to leave. If the landlord loves what you have done with the windows then they might even buy them from you at the end of your lease. And, as with finding out about painting the walls, find out if you can paint the window frames. If you are allowed, then you can get creative with your window frames and really personalise the area.

The devil is in the details

Make sure your rented space is littered with your personal style. This means everything you put in the space should align to the design style you have chosen. Choose furniture that you love and you know you will love forever. Invest in a floor rug that will go with anything, that will warm up any room and that feels plush to the touch. Shop around for plants you love that you can successfully keep alive. If this is a real challenge for you, then consider buying succulents – these are very popular, they work with just about any style and they are hardy. What’s more pay attention to more than just the aesthetic. Consider smells and textures that feel like home. Keep your home fresh smelling with the likes of Airoma 3 in 1 range which will neutralise bad odours and make your home smell incredible. Keep your home feeling comfortable with layered, textured throws and scatter cushions. Even those after a minimalist look and feel need a comforting smell and something to cuddle when lounging on the couch.