5 secrets to a cheap and cheerful bathroom renovation

cheap and cheerfulRenovating your home is an expensive affair. Many suggest that you choose to do alterations piecemeal, as and when you have the money to invest. Most home owners looking to renovate their homes will expect to spend a fortune on their bathroom. In fact, this part of the home is considered the most expensive room to renovate, second only to your kitchen. But renovating your bathroom doesn’t mean you have to gut it. You can renovate in a simpler way that will turn it into a premium space in your home that won’t break the bank.


Renovations, in general, cost you not only money but time, dust, and sometimes misery due to fighting with contractors. However, you can achieve the bathroom you’re after with a bit of lateral thinking. Thinking outside of the box could land you with a new and fresh bathroom that didn’t do irreparable damage to your back pocket or savings account.


Here are the secrets of smart homeowners who’ve managed to renovate their bathroom and hold onto their savings.



  • Don’t replace everything



There are many things in the bathroom that don’t need to be entirely replaced. You can resurface items and repaint rather than replace everything. You’d be surprised what new counter tops, a new toilet seat and a fresh lick of paint can do for your bathroom. If your plumbing and pipes are all in order then don’t upset the apple-cart by replacing major fixtures. Don’t retile unless you absolutely have to rather replace tiles with the leftover spares.


  1. Make your grouting white again


The grouting is the cement mix around your tiles that keeps them in place. The problem is that this substance quickly and easily becomes very grubby and stained with mould or mildew. If the grouting in your bathroom is dirty and stained, your whole bathroom will look awful. While this is a tedious task, grab your scrubbing brush and rubber gloves and get to work.


There are many different grouting cleaning solutions; you could opt for store-bought or whip up a homemade concoction. A quick search on Pinterest will show you exactly how to make your own homemade brew of grouting whitener. No matter what you use, just make sure you have gloves on and perhaps a face mask so you’re not breathing in the chemicals as you’ll be in there scrubbing for a while. It’s worth it in the end though, your bathroom will look close to pristine with sparkling white grouting.


  1. Fix your yellow tub


You can replace your bathtub but that’s costly. Rather opt for refinishing it. Bathtubs become yellow over time and often end up with cracks on the surface that look dark and unpleasant. This could be a DIY job but it’s quite a lot of work. You need to remove the old caulk from your tub and scrub it down with a degreaser and then use an epoxy filler to fill in the cracks. You’ll also need to smooth down the rough edges and give your entire tub a sand down. And then there’s the painting. This is a big job. You should rather employ the services of a professional, and if done correctly, your tub should last you for many years to come before you need to repeat the refinishing job.


  1. Choose easy options for refurbishing


Retail stores offer many different types of vanity units and countertops that are already assembled. These won’t require much effort on your part to install. Within hours you could have brand new countertops and cabinets that’ll look gorgeous with their brand new shine. There are some that are entire basin countertops so the sink is in the moulding. This offers you seamless design and won’t require you messing with the plumbing.


Similarly, you can replace your tap fittings and toilet seat quite easily without the help of a renovator. If you are really feeling strong then you could replace your entire toilet as it’s really easy to do, but it will require you having some strength to lift and shift.


  1. Little changes help


Choosing toothbrush holders, soap dishes, shower heads and bathroom sets that match in style and design, looks plush. These things are not expensive purchases but if you choose high-quality items they’ll last you a long time. And, ultimately, these little items in your bathroom are what your guests will notice them most.