5 ways to expand your living space

Time passes and circumstances change. Perhaps you want more space. A little extra room because your family is growing, your kids or parents are moving back home, you’ve started a home business or any of the other reasons your existing house may just not be big enough.

You’ve lived in your house for a time and know every corner of it. You’ve also become familiar with how the light changes with the seasons, the best views of the yard and how movement from room to room takes place. And with all that knowledge, you’ve decided to expand. Maybe it’ll be a kitchen, bedroom or family room addition. Whatever the case, you’ll be looking at adding on somewhere. If you want to, you could talk to a few interior designers to see what they think about the possibilities of expanding your house.

Adding living space is more popular than ever. But many people expand without knowing enough about design, construction and planning. Here are a few simple ways to expand your living space.

Build an addition

It may not be cheap or easy but the most permanent, long-lasting way to add real space to any room is a custom-built addition. First, you have to enquire whether zoning regulations and rules in your area allow for additions. Many legal issues can arise, especially in more densely populated areas,. And if there are no legal obstacles, your next step is to make some basic choices about how much square footage you want and can afford. Then you should search for a contractor who’ll manage the designing and building. It might be best to get competing bids from several contractors. But price shouldn’t be the only criteria. You should ask for references from the builders and take the time to examine the contractor’s work.

Step outside

You may need to be creative in order to maximise your living space. If you have a backyard with some useless, empty space, you have a perfect opportunity to increase your living home in a stylish, fun and unique way. Attaching a structure to the back of the house is by far one of the most common additions. Possibly the cheapest and easiest addition you can make is adding an outdoor room. You could then make use of an industrial sliding door to separate this room from the rest of your house.

Organise and store

Think back to your varsity days where you were likely to live in a cramped room, perfectly content with using a milk crate as a chair. That same mentality can still save you a considerable amount of space as an adult. Furniture can double as storage. For example, tables and beds with drawers with storage chests hidden inside. Another way to declutter and store things is to get as much as you can off the floor. The most wasted space in any home is usually the vertical space. And installing shelves on your walls requires nothing more than a trip to the hardware store. Followed, of course, with a quick installation that will give you more floor space. It’s also an attractive way to create the appearance of a spacious room. An even more attractive and creative idea is to wrap a bookshelf around a window. You’ll install the shelves to the sides and above the window. It’ll end up looking like it’s built-in.

Make rooms do double duty

Many rooms don’t necessarily need to be used only for their intended purpose. With office electronics – such as laptops – shrinking every year, that formal dining room you rarely use for dinner could be the perfect home office or study. What are your functional needs? You should take a step back and look at your house with this in mind. Gone are the days when the kitchen and dining or living room were two different spaces. You could merge the two rooms and make it one. That way you could spend more time with family while preparing meals in the kitchen.

Finish an unfinished space

If you’re not willing to bear the expense of building an addition, finishing an unfinished part of your home is a great way to expand a few rooms. A great example of an unfinished space is a storage room which you planned to turn into a laundry room. Now is the perfect time to finish off where you started. Finishing an interior space is sometimes cheaper than building an addition because you already have a roof and foundation. Just remember costs can rise if the area of the home you’re looking to finish has some underlying problems you haven’t noticed.

Adding more room is a great way to transform your home and give your family the necessary amenities and space they always dreamed of. Whether it be in the form of a kitchen, bedroom or family room, expanding can greatly add to your usable square footage. Sometimes, even a small addition can yield big results.