Backyard ideas that will delight your pooch

For dog lovers, there aren’t many things in life better than seeing how happy your dog is when they see you after a hectic day. But, as much as they bring joy to your life, they can also upset you when they ruin your flowers or continue to dig holes all around your yard. This can make owning a dog rather difficult, especially if you’re interested in gardening. 

But, there is a way to ensure your yard and your furry animal coexist. Firstly, you need to create a pet-friendly area. And to do that, always keep your canine in mind whenever you plan on redecorating. Because at the end of the day, you want your dog to be happy in your home, and the only way to achieve that is by creating a dog-friendly space.

For helpful tips on how you can create a backyard, both you and your dog will love, read these tips below. 

Add a focal point to your garden

Adding a focal point to your garden is an excellent way of livening it up. For example, you can add a garden pond as a focal point. Not only will a pond liven things up, but it will also be a fun treat for your pup whenever they need to cool off. Just make sure your canine knows how to swim before building your pond. And, ensure that it isn’t too steep, and easy for your canine to go in and out of. If you’re looking to add more appeal to your pond, you can install a pond bridge. A wooden bridge not only looks beautiful, but it allows you to have a crossway to cross the pond, which helps make your backyard seem put-together and larger. 

Secure your backyard

Safety should always come first. So, make sure you install secure fencing that will keep you and your four-legged friend safe and stop your dog from roaming around your neighbourhood. There are many fencing styles to choose from that can match your home, whether you are using fencing poles with treated wood or a wire style fence. 

Have a dog run in your garden

As a pooch owner, you know that keeping your place clean isn’t the easiest thing to do. So, why not have a dog run in your garden. The designated area for your furry friend will be perfect; they can run around and play in the dog run all day. That way, they aren’t disturbing your plants. Your dog run can be built using wood poles from timber suppliers in Cape Town and other cities. Treated timber products are used for several reasons, for instance, have a longer life span, fungal repellent, are stronger, and more versatile. 

Have a dog kennel outside

Even if your dog sleeps inside, they need to have shelter outside as well. You can get a wood dog house for your canine to use when they’re in the backyard. Wooden dog houses are perfect for when your pet is seeking shade and wants a comfortable spot to lie down. 

Keep your garden toxin-free 

Although you love your garden and plants, you have to be wary of the plants that you have. Commonly known harmful plants for dogs are lilies, mums, and azaleas. Materials and chemical controls used during landscaping are also harmful to dogs, so always make sure you contact your vet to find out if the material and flowers you are using are safe when you have pets. 

Add a pathway in your backyard

Not only are pathways pleasant on the eye, but they are a great way to help control your dog. Having a pathway helps keep your canine’s paw prints away from your plants and flowers. And, having a pathway can keep your furry friend busy with prowling and patroling. 

Choose comfortable building material 

Your dog may be spending the majority of their time outside, in the garden. So, to make their experience more comfortable, make sure you choose building material that’s comfortable for their feet. Do not choose materials that may be too hot, cold or uncomfortable on their paws. For example, avoid jagged stone as it may not be pleasant for them. This is especially the case if your dog has sensitive paws; the best solution is to make use of artificial turf.

Create an area for mealtime

Apart from going out for walks, dogs enjoy their mealtimes and the occasional snack. So, why not make a small area for them to have their meals outside. You can make a wooden floor or have a place on your wooden patio where your dog can have its meals. You can find various decking suppliers who have the exact wood you need for outdoor decking. This will help your pooch know that this is where meals take place, and it will keep our backyard clean and put together. 

Final thoughts

Creating a dog-friendly backyard won’t only please your pooch, but it will also make you happy. Dogs play an important role in our lives, and as a canine owner, your one goal is to always make your dog feel welcomed, loved and happy. And what better way to do that, than to create a place where your dog can be itself.