Boost the value of your home to make the sale

This might sound counterproductive to have to spend money on a home before you sell it and it’s no longer your problem. But if you’re thinking that while in the situation of not selling it at the asking price you initially wanted or are struggling to find a buyer, then this is something you need to do.


People are looking for a place that’s going to make them feel like it’s brand new, that it’s exactly what they’re looking for and has always been their home. Think about where you’re wanting to move to and how you felt when you went for house viewings. You’re looking for something that is your style and to your liking. You can’t expect anything less from your potential buyers.

With that in mind, would you ever look any further than the walls of a house if the paint is chipping or marks have been left on the wall? Didn’t think so. Do everyone a favour and repaint your walls. Go a step further and make them more interesting than neutral. There are so many different paint trends for you to choose from.

And then be sure that your house is generally and then intricately cleaned. All the corners you purposefully ignore, cupboards and built-in appliances need a good scrub if you want people to enjoy looking at your home.


First impressions are extremely important and you don’t want to disappoint in this department. Start with your front door. Does it scream security like a steel entry door does? Boost and sell security because that is what families are looking for. Then, what does it look like on the inside once you’ve opened the front door?

Is there art, flowers, a mirror, a table or something to grab guest’s attention? You need to make this entryway beautiful to make buyers fall in love from the moment their foot is in the door.


The second most important part of the house to sort out if you want to boost the value of your home is the kitchen. Everyone is in the kitchen every single day so it needs to have a logical layout and enough space for people to comfortably move around.

Invest in sufficient storage solutions for the kitchen that will motivate you to find a new home that has the same kind of systems in place. Make sure all the fittings are modern, energy smart and decorative (if applicable). Everything in a kitchen should also serve a purpose. So when we say “decorative”, we mean decorative in function. Like a cabinet door’s handle for example.

And take some paint and make it pretty. Those cabinets don’t have to stay the same boring colour, add a bold red or yellow into the space and, again, draw attention to the room.

Add a bedroom

If you’re struggling to sell with your “two bedroom house” tagline, why not quickly and easily make it a three bedroom house? Your study or storage room, let’s be honest here, can be turned into another bedroom if you simply have cupboards put in. Then, in no time, your house has an added room, added value and is a more attractive property advertisement to buyers.  


Go around your house, change all the lightbulbs and faucets and make sure your home is as energy efficient and eco-friendly as possible. Any old appliances that can be tinkered with or replaced to be more eco-friendly, do it. It will most definitely boost the value of your home and it makes for a great sales pitch for buyers to know that they’re being environmentally-friendly just by buying your house, basically.


Last, but definitely not least, if you want to boost the value of your home to make the sale – tend to the garden. Put up organic wooden fencing, plant some trees (further that eco-friendly sales pitch), create a DIY stone path through the garden and have some beautiful bright flowers blooming and ready to welcome those that walk through it.

Depending on how much space and money you have for the garden budget, you can put in a bench or shaded garden canopy area for pure relaxation. In fact, if you settle your potential buyers down here after a tour of the house, with a glass of ice tea or cup of coffee, you’re very likely to close the deal.