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What you need to know about buying off-plan

Buying a house is an enormous step that costs you a fortune. One way of purchasing a property that costs you slightly less than “normal” is to buy off-plan. This…


Hard truths about property investment

If you’re looking for an investment opportunity then property certainly ranks high as an excellent option. With the right amount of planning and foresight you could see yourself sitting pretty…


Securing your property from intruders

The best way to protect your goods from being stolen is to take them inside after you’ve used them. Leaving bicycles or garden furniture outside will only lure criminals to…


Should you buy that fixer upper?

  Property investment has always been cited as an excellent way to secure income. But, you have to make sure you can afford to tie up a large portion of…


Home security tips for 2016

Protecting our homes is central to being able to live. It’s one thing to have a home but there’s no point if we feel our home is constantly in danger….

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The top concerns of landlords

We’ve been told for decades now that property investment is the best type of investment. Only in recent years has this suggestion been questioned but that’s an entire topic on…


What to consider before choosing your new suburb

There are numerous factors to consider when buying your first property. Unlike buying a car, this isn’t one you can simply trade in because the seats are uncomfortable. Buying a…


Decorating your bedroom according to your personality type

A perfect bedroom is one that is in sync with your personality. Creating a bedroom that reflects on your personality is one way of being comfortable in your skin. To…

What to be aware of when taking on a bond

Most of us are not in a position where we can easily pay off expensive items; yet we need to still be able to acquire those expensive items in order…


Problems you could have with potential landlords

  When you first move out on your own, you may start to seriously consider whether to rent or buy. If you have the financial means to do either, it…