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How to prevent cheapening the home

No one likes the idea of making their home look less good than it should be. We put hours of time and energy into creating the best environment we can….


Tips for upgrading your kitchen

Whether you are planning to invest your own sweat equity in a complete kitchen remodel or simply hope to make a few quick changes over the weekend, every cent counts….


7 things to consider when buying new lounge suites

Are you sitting comfortably? Does your lounge suite fit in with your lifestyle? If no, then it’s time to upgrade and get some change in your living room. Choosing a…


Garden improvements on a budget

Have you got green fingers but your wallet won’t allow you to enjoy your garden as much as you’d like? Gardening does not have to be an expensive hobby. Read…


How to create a green home

We want our homes to look stylish and be functional. A key way we can focus on functionality is through living a green life. By caring about sustainability, we also,…

3 home improvements to tackle before selling

At some point, being a homeowner means being a home seller. For various reasons, we may need to pack up and move. Ideally, this might mean transferring to a new…


Creating a functional space in your small bathroom

Perhaps the excitement of buying your first home had you so overwhelmed you never thought of its function. The small bathroom never bothered you at first. But with time, as…

Photos taken on several residential construction sites which use fall arrest systems in Phoenix, AZ over a week in August 2012

Outside projects to improve a home’s value

We all want our homes to look better and see this reflected in terms of value. The difficulty is in deciding what we can do to improve our homes. Not…


Increasing your home’s value

There comes a time when we want to consider our homes from a buyer’s perspective – again. To that end, we should start considering how to improve our homes. Home…

Man renovating painted surfaces

Renovations that add value to your home

Everybody who’s ever tried to sell a house knows that it’s not as easy as it seems, especially if it’s a buyer’s market. You don’t just want to sell, you…