What to consider before choosing your new suburb


There are numerous factors to consider when buying your first property. Unlike buying a car, this isn’t one you can simply trade in because the seats are uncomfortable. Buying a home is seen as a long term investment. A lot of time, energy and money goes into the purchase of a home. When the property’s electric is faulty, you don’t sell the house, you get an electrician to come in and fix the problem. That being said, buying a home is not for the fainthearted. It can be stressful, it can get tough but, at the end of the day you can say with pride that it’s yours. So, when buying a new house you need to consider these factors before hitting up the home loan calculator.

Research the schools in the neighbourhood

Whether you’re newly married and hoping to start a family soon or whether you’re not planning on having children at all, the fact of the matter is a school nearby is an important feature for any location and makes a difference to your resale value of the property.

A school in the district would mean that your kids are attending school nearby, which cuts the travelling costs. It also makes the area buyer-friendly if you should consider selling your home. A good selling point for a new family could be that the local school is nearby. This will greatly impact the value of a future sale of the house.

Businesses and shopping centres

Convenience – this is the word that accurately explains what buyers dream of.  Not having to travel too far to a shopping centre and not having to sit in jam-packed traffic everyday together with simple and convenient shopping options is what everyone longs for.

Before choosing your house ensure that the shopping centre located in the neighbourhood is still up and running. This will be a good indicator as to whether business is booming in the area or not. If your local businesses are thriving it means that they’ve ample support from the community.


There should be public transport available for different locations, with the station preferably in walking distance from your home. Find out what the travelling costs will be and whether public transportation is available for your prefered destination. The commute should be fairly simple and not out of your way that you need to travel with three different taxi’s just to get to work. Travelling should be convenient for you.