How to create a bedroom you love

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. The one place you can escape to after a hard day’s work. It’s also the place where you probably spend most of your time and where you can relax. So it makes sense to take extra care of your bedroom and to make sure it’s a peaceful, calm place.

Here are a few ways you can create a bedroom which you can’t wait to get home too.

Personalise your room

As soon as you enter your bedroom your spirits should be lifted up. It should feel like you’re entering a place that’s your favourite escape. And the best way to do this is by adding a touch of personality to your room. You might consider adding a painting or pictures of your loved ones. Your room should be a place of your own; a safe haven where your personal style is incorporated in the mix.


Your bed should be comfortable. You’ll spend hours sleeping, reading and relaxing on your bed and it should provide the best cushioning and support. Choosing the right mattress is important in order to give you the best sleep. When you shop for a mattress make sure you test it out first. Take a leaf out of Goldilocks book and try out each bed to find the one that’s ‘just right’. If the shop gives you permission you could lie on it for 10 to 15 minutes in order to make sure it’s the perfect fit for you.


There’s nothing like snuggling under the duvet covers and sleeping on freshly washed crisp sheets. The types of sheets you use can affect your sleep each night. And that’s why you should invest in the best sheets. They should have a high thread count as they are generally softer the sheets. Quality bed sheets made of natural fibres can help prevent sweating during the night.

Silk bedding set

A silk bedding set is luxurious. Investing in a silk bedding set won’t only beautify your bedroom but it has other benefits. Silk is perfect for all seasons as it’ll help cool you down during summer and will keep you warm in winter. Silk also adjusts to your body’s temperatures which will help you attain restful sleep. And the added bonus of using a silk bedding set is that it’s wrinkle resistant. Which will help make your bed look neat and tidy at all times.

Paint colour

Pick a paint colour for your bedroom based on the atmosphere you want to create and your personality. Colours act in three ways: active, passive and neutral. Dark colours used in bedroom create intimate, warm ambience. While light colours are more expansive and make a room seem brighter and larger.


You should use lighting with dimmer switches. A dimmer light switch can create a warm ambience in your bedroom. And you’ll be able to manipulate the brightness to suit you. Another benefit of dimmer switches is they save energy.

If you’re always finding it hard to find your clothes in your cupboard, then why don’t you add LED lighting. This will help you navigate your way in your wardrobe more efficiently.


A soft plush carpet is not only the perfect accessory for your bedroom but it also gives the room a cosier feel. Carpets are especially important in winter as they trap the heat in the room and make your room warmer. Carpets come in different shapes and with different patterns, and the presence of one could make your bedroom stylish.


If your bedroom is small then you can use mirrors to open it up. Mirrors create the illusion of a bigger space. If you don’t have the budget to buy large mirrors then you can buy smaller ones and group them together. You can also use mirrored or transparent furniture to create a larger space.

Scent of your room

The sense of smell is the most powerful of all our senses. So make sure you add a scent you like to your bedroom. You may add flowers to the room, use scented oils or choose from an extensive range of Airoma fragrances. You’ll get to pick from a wide selection ranging from Airoma Ocean Mist aerosol to Airoma Linen Breeze aerosol and other fragrances.

Tidy up your room

Many people love hotel rooms because they are neat and tidy. The beds are neatly made, and there’s not a thing out of place. But there’s no reason why your bedroom shouldn’t be just as clean. A little organisation in your bedroom can go a long way. Make sure your room is neat and uncluttered. Clothes and shoes sprawled all over your floor do not create an inviting space. Give yourself enough time each day to clean up the mess in your room. Put things where they are supposed to be because a cluttered bedroom can make you wired and frazzled.

Your bedroom should be your happy place. And that’s why you should invest your time and energy into making it your sanctuary.