Creating a functional space in your small bathroom


Perhaps the excitement of buying your first home had you so overwhelmed you never thought of its function. The small bathroom never bothered you at first. But with time, as your family grew, you’re now beginning to realise the space isn’t big enough. You’ve thought about upgrading the bathroom but until that happens you need to make do with what you have.

The space issue

Be clever about your storage space. Blow dryers, flat irons, and shavers can be stored in a shoe bag behind the door. A large bathroom cupboard can take up space, making the room appear small and cramped. Hanging shelves are ideal for a small bathroom. They take up less space and provide an open feel to the room.

Optimise your shelving

Shelving is a must for any bathroom, whether big or small. What you need is functional shelving and cupboards. Choose cupboards that have at least three layers of racks where you can store some items. If your bathroom only has shelves, screw in hooks at the bottom of the shelf to hang washcloths or bath towels. Hanging racks are ideal to have inside your shower. Any items stowed away inside the shower will be out of sight from anyone walking past or coming into the bathroom. Many interior decorators opt for choosing chic shelves that have more than one use. It’s not only functional but can also match your bathroom sets.

Corner units

Empty corners are perfect places for a small wooden or wicker cabinet. If you can find a triangular one, it’ll be an even better fit and give your bathroom a modern touch. Corner units provide space which allow for better movement in and around your small bathroom. Varnish wooden cabinets to prevent steam from cracking or separating the seams. The varnish will also protect the wood against scratches and stains, as it gives off a rich sheen as well as enhances the natural colour of the wood.

Utilise decore features

Conceal bathroom essentials in wooden, wicker or wire containers. The containers provide storage space for items like toothbrushes, bubble bath, shampoo and conditioner. You will find the perfect box, storage bags and baskets at any craft store. Choose containers that suit your bathroom decor and style. You want it to fit in, not look out of place as if it doesn’t belong there.