Do this before moving in

new_homeThe joys of moving into a new neighbourhood is that you get to meet new people. There is a refreshing feeling about it. Moving somewhere where no one knows you, has its perks, but it also has it downside: unpacking. There are many aspects of moving you need to consider before simply loading up the van and thinking that’s it.

Contact the utility companies

When moving into a home that was once occupied, ensure that you get the contact information from the previous homeowner for all of the utility companies they used for the house. You might find it handy to use the same services that already knows the place. Ensure that all the necessary utility services are already in your name well before packing your luggage sets.

Inform all of an address change

Stop by your old post office and ask them for advice on what needs to be done so that you are reached at the correct location. Contact any creditors or magazines you subscribed to so that they’re aware of the move and you don’t miss an issue or a bill.

Change your locks

This is an important aspect that most new homeowners forget to upgrade. The best way to ensure security is to change all locks in the house shortly after moving in. It’s not a strict requirement, but it is the safest bet, rather than having keys roaming around that match your lock.

Know the basics

Find out where your maine circuit breaker is and where the water shut-off is located – not only the ones on the inside, but also for the taps leading to the outside of the home. This is a very useful question to ask the previous homeowner and also to find it yourself as soon as you’re there. When it comes to the circuit breaker, ensure that you completely understand the labeling so that there  may be no confusion left behind.

And lastly, get to know your neighbours, they will be the first ones around in times of need. Get contact information from them and ask them about the ins and outs of the place. You may find that their insight will come in very handy if ever you have a question to ask. Your neighbours either