Easy and affordable redecoration

It’s safe to assume that a change of pace can’t come soon enough after a long winter. The sun is making more appearances and is starting to stay for longer with each visit. This means that we’re all in the mood for something different to welcome the new season and usher in a new year.

But, while most of us have summer staples in our wardrobe and recipe books ready to go, the same might not be said about our interior decoration. This is one of those areas where change only comes once every few years if you’re lucky.

Well, not anymore. With trends becoming more visible and shorter lasting, manufacturers have to keep up with people’s demands of having new things regularly without spending a lot. This means that we can now change up our interior decor with greater ease and more frequently without ending up with a budget that could pay for a whole new range of furniture.

By changing small things around the house, you can end up with an entirely new look just in time for those summer dinner parties.


The first and most structural place to start is wall colour. You might be thinking that the idea of repainting your entire house every season is absurd. And you’d be right. Not only would it be expensive, but the hassle would simply outweigh the reward.

So, what to do? Opt for neutral colours for the majority of your interior walls. Think along the lines of beige and light grey. This will form the basis of your interior design, so take some time in choosing. Your furniture, appliances and general colour preferences will inform this decision a bit more.

Once your neutral colour has been selected, it’s time to add some life to the walls. Pick a spot that will function as visual interest and paint the walls in that section a vibrant colour. For winter, think reds and purples and consider yellows and greens for summer. This way, you can easily change the colours seasonally without painting all the walls.


The second biggest pieces are things like sofas and tables. These elements can also become quite boring as they tend to be selected in neutral colours for longevity. So, it seems like there’s no way to add life into these elements or to change the style up seasonally.

Well, get ready for some good news. With a small amount of effort and an even smaller amount of money, it’s possible to implement different colours and styles in these spaces without replacing your furniture each time.

There are two main ways of doing this. Firstly, when it comes to that plain and uninteresting sofa, consider taking some time to either make or purchase slipcovers. These won’t necessarily always fit your pieces like a glove, so it might be necessary to have them custom made. In that case, the cost will be slightly higher, but the results will be worth it. And you can decide on two colours – a summer and a winter one for instance – and rotate the two every six months. Secondly, your dining chairs can also be elevated to match your new furniture. By applying the same concept of slipcovers, these pieces can also be updated seasonally.


Smaller pieces that might need some updating are your appliances. Even though they’re smaller than your staple pieces, they might not necessarily be cheaper. So, replacing them seasonally for the sake of style is a waste.

But, there is a way to at least update the pieces you have to match your new interior. We’ve all seen those magazine interiors with the chrome or aluminium appliances that match pretty much any design style. Well, that’s the idea we’re going for here.

By simply sanding down and painting your appliances, you can drastically change their appearance and add some class to your space within a budget.


Finally, the most seasonally-inclined pieces are the accents. These are things like scatter cushions, throws, bedding and knickknacks. These lend themselves perfectly to seasonal decorating.

You have two options. First, you can replace a few small pieces every season. For this approach, some of your pieces will have to be neutral, such as your duvet covers and throws. Then, you simply replace things like scatter cushions and candles every season to add a pop of colour.

Or, you can have two or three full sets that are rotated throughout the year. This means, a set of bedding, cushions, throws and candles that go together perfectly. Every six months, for instance, you can change these sets and have an entirely new interior until next year.