Eat your heart out with DIY kitchen makeover tips


If you’ve been walking into the same uninspiring kitchen for ten years, your days of monotony are numbered. Kitchen decor has become the latest sensation in home makeovers. No longer do homeowners only focus on remodeling the lounge and bedroom, the kitchen can take a dramatic turn that will only inspire your zeal for cooking. Vibrant coloured cookware such as a red coloured gas stove can inspire your cooking.


The colours your kitchen deserves


Out with the old and in with the new. If you’ve only been using the same brand of spices for the same meals, it’s time to broaden your horizon. Your new kitchen style will need to inspire you to step outside your comfort zone. If your walls are painted white, add splashes of colour by incorporating different coloured cookware into your kitchen. You can choose a red pan, a blue toaster or anything else to get the flow of colour going throughout your kitchen. If you’re reluctant on changing your cookware or utensils, paint the walls a different shade. To really bring out a colour, paint the ceiling the same colour as the tiles to give dimension and depth to your kitchen.

Move away from typical white and beige on the walls to give your kitchen a fun and bold colour that will withstand the test of time. Mosaic tiles plastered onto the kitchen cabinets is a beautiful way to bring about colour as well as tranquility.


The change in your cooking style


The perfect kitchen isn’t one that looks like it’s from a lifestyle magazine, it’s one where you feel motivated to take out your cutting board and start chopping. Don’t overdo your kitchen decor by having it look too “fancy”. What you want to go for is more of a “homey” feel to your kitchen. Think of your grandma’s kitchen but with a modern touch. This is the kind of kitchen anyone feels free to cook in.


Be inspired


If you’re kitchen space is small, be sure to install enough floating shelves and hidden storage compartments for your utilities. A cramped space isn’t an inspired space. If your countertop is free of clutter and fruit bowls you will always have enough space to work on. The bigger the work section, the more you won’t feel overwhelmed. The way you feel about your kitchen can turn into a direct reflection of your cooking style. If you only want to get in and out of the kitchen ASAP, you’re a speedy cook who will need their utensils close by. If you like to browse through cookbooks as the onions simmer in the pot, you need special rack only for cookbooks. This way you’ll always be inspired to try new recipes in a great looking kitchen.