Elements of a modern kitchen

Out with the old, in with the new. Today, stylish kitchens are ever-popular for their aesthetics and practical design. Modern trends abound and new trends are constantly coming to the fore. Here are a few elements of what a modern kitchen in the 21st century must look like.

Flat surfaces and sleek lines

Flat, hard surfaces that are easy to clean and cook on are key to keeping your kitchen functional. It’s common to use quartz or corian for countertops. Keeping everything at counter-height also adds to the sleekness factor. Kitchen tables are often replaced by islands and stools. This creates a seamless line that adds to the simplicity.

Frameless, full overlay cabinet construction

This style is most often used in modern kitchens because it’s sleeker than aninset cabinet, which is often associated with more traditional kitchen design. In a true frameless cabinet you won’t see a face frame at all and you’ll get consistent spacing between all the doors and drawers, even between two cabinets. In what’s called a framed overlay. You’ll still have a face frame and varying space between doors and cabinets.

Less is more

The modern kitchen concept is perfect for people who like neatness. It’s possible to hide coffee makers, toasters, microwaves and even modern gas stoves through clever design. Since modern kitchens are very much inspired by industrial kitchens, having less clutter makes cooking easier. Keeping things neutral is important, especially for resale value. Think blacks, whites and greys and if you want to bring in a splash of colour. But, if you are planning on living in your house for the rest of your life and love colour then Bob’s your uncle.

Appliances matter

The concept of modern designs rest heavily on stylish appliances. Energy efficient appliances, that have sleek lines and textures, such as stainless steel are great additions. Now, microwaves can go under counters and hood ranges are getting smaller. To be modern you should be using cutting-edge gadgets to maximise efficiency and keep everything up-to-date.


Consistency of accent pieces

Accents like lighting, tables, chairs and bar stools all have to be considered when designing a kitchen. In a modern kitchen these elements will stay consistent rather than deviate, like you’d see in an eclectic kitchen.

Take storage down

Instead of using the typical design of having cupboards higher on the wall, an element of the modern kitchen is to bring the storage down closer to the floor. This allows the kitchen to seem bigger, expansive and less cluttered. This makes things light and airy. There are also very fashion forward options like deep pull out drawers.

Don’t forget about hip lighting

Modern kitchens also have a specific style of lighting. The latests trends include pendant lighting over an island to give a sleek, stylish look. Other lighting is often built into elements of the kitchen. For example, you can have LED lighting under cupboards or behind frosted glass windows.