Four tips for creating your own wet room


The idea of creating a wet room sounds fairly simple. All you need is a bathroom, put a drain in the middle of it and tile it up. Barrier free spaces have become a must-have trend in Europe and the rest of the world is catching onto this trend. The lack of internal walls, doors and shower curbs provide a freeing feel to this space and if done correctly, yours can be warm and inviting.


Adding warmth


The perception of a wet rooms are that they are cold spaces due to the tiles. However, the use of cream or beige tiles, and even wood in certain sections, in a wet room will provide warmth and luxury. Be sure to have your windows located up high to bring in natural sunlight, beauty and warmth.


The use of texture and patterns


A careful selection of penny tiles in different patterns or textures will make the room appear larger. Look for bold colours which are reminiscent of the ocean. Choose tiles that remind you of the sky, water and sand to give your wet room a more beachy feel. Add in strong horizontal stripes and cohesive patterns on the walls. This will join together the beauty and pleasure of the room.


Bring in a wood element without actually using it. By using a tile that replicates a wooden look, you’re opening up endless design possibilities. Combining tile texture with a wooden feel will add dimension and contrast to your space


Separating wet from dry


The idea of a wet room is to have an open space where all can be seen. However, having water splash all over your house and bathroom sets can become a concern. Use glass to separate your wet area from your dry area. You will still be able to have an open feel, but without water splashing everywhere. A single glass panel is the perfect solution without taking away the essence of a wet room.


Adding flexibility
An open space shouldn’t lack flexible fixtures attached to the room. Choose fixtures which have great flexibility like rain shower heads, body sprayers and a handshower. For a more relaxing feel to your wet room, add a bench to encourage sitting down while you bask under the flow of the water.