Future of house shopping

homeThere is nothing unusual today about being able to acquire items from the comfort of our homes. With online shopping, we are able to examine items we might possibly want and, with the click of a button, acquire them. Often, these items will have free delivery, too, meaning there is even less effort to acquire them than if we drove ourselves. And it’s possibly cheaper, since we don’t need to stand in queues.

We might wonder then if this model could applied elsewhere and that’s where home buying comes in.

Online searching

Consider that more sites are setting up that allow you to buy and sell a house completely online. This is the point of Allre, as TechCrunch notes:

“While it does offer sellers the ability to list their homes, the real power of the platform is in the fact that it lets you handle the transaction completely online. You start with your basic listing, then you add some images and/or videos, set the standard terms for the transaction (title, escrow, etc.) and your listing is online.”

This and other platforms let you easily participate in house purchasing.

The app also allows for that most irritating aspect of selling, the price. “one thing that’s often a roadblock for sellers who want to go direct is that they don’t know how to price their homes. For them, Allre offers a pricing tool that takes the data from the previous year’s worth of sales in a neighborhood and creates a list of comparables. Sellers are always in full control of the price they set, but buyers get access to the same data, too.”

Of course, this is still in development. Further, it’s not a universal tool to aid you in purchasing, like say a bond repayment calculator.

South Africa has some local sites to aid too, though they do not provide the kind of extensive working and functionality as tools and apps from overseas.

Of course, you’ll still want to see the house for yourself. Online selling is an easy way to be defrauded and have your money stolen for items you’re not actually buying or paying for. This is also and especially the case when you’re spending a great deal of cash on a house.

Being smart doesn’t just mean being careful, it means also knowing what tools and option you have. But being careful still needs to be the overarching concern as you prepare to spend the most amount you’ll probably spend in your life to buy yourself that dream home.