Gardening hacks to save you money


Gardeners will tell you that to them gardening is more than tending to flowers and plants. It’s a lifestyle. Gardening helps the mind unwind and relax while connecting with the nature that surrounds you. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your hard work of pruning and tending to your garden blooming in front of your eyes. Here are some gardening hacks to save you money.


Boost the calcium intake of your plants


Have you ever seen eggshells in the garden and wondered what they’re doing there? You may have seen your grandparents implementing this method into their gardening. They took all the broken eggshells and mashed them together in the soil. Eggshells are extremely rich in calcium. We need calcium to keep our bones and teeth strong and they’re equally beneficial for plants and flowers. For healthy flowers, crush all your eggshells until they turn into a powder and then mix them into the soil to give your plants a boost.


Kill weeds with vinegar


Vinegar has a strong odour which can keep pests away and also keep unwanted weeds at bay. You no longer need to manually tend to weeds. Unearthing them can consume all your energy and take a lot of time. Save yourself time and effort by making use of a highly efficient, natural and eco-friendly product. All you need to do is spritz vinegar around the weeds. Spray some of your vinegar under your timber decking to ensure you completely get rid of all weeds. No longer will you have to worry about weeds draining moisture, sunlight and nutrients from your plants.


Use pallets as storage space


Pallets can be used to create indoor or outdoor furniture, which can be easily adjusted, as it’s durable and lightweight. An extra perk of using pallets is that it can be used to improve your backyard garden. There’s no need to buy new pallets as storage space, old ones will do. Hang your pallet against the wall, hammer a few nails into it and then hang some of your gardening equipment onto the nails in the pallets.