How to get the farmhouse style in your modern home

FARMHOUSERevamping your home to suit your dream style probably sounds like too much work. It might be the reason you put off your revamp altogether. But switching up your home decor doesn’t have to cost you too much in time or money. In fact, depending on the interior style you would like, you could make a few changes today that’ll make all the difference. You’ll need to have a bit of money available to incorporate your new decor style but revamping is not renovating so you don’t need to remortgage the property.


A popular home decor style is the incorporation of farmhouse chic into modern living. No matter where you live, whether it’s city centre or on the outskirts, you can achieve this look and feel. Farmstyle decor is a look from yesteryear. It incorporates old style fabrics, different textures and a mix of the old with the new. This style is popular because it creates a nostalgic warmth that allows antiques to reside next to new technology in an effortless fashion.


So, without breaking the bank on hiring a professional designer or decorator, here are a few ways you can incorporate the farmhouse style in your home.


Stay away from shopping malls


You’re unlikely to find any kind of authentic farmhouse decor in commercial shopping malls. Yes you could find the odd distressed vase but it comes off the production line which means there are thousands like it all over the country. Now you don’t have to hit expensive boutiques either because that’s certainly not going to make your budget happy. But you can look around at junk yard sales, thrift shops, secondhand good stores and antique shops. Finding a distressed window frame that you upcycle into a piece of art shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Look for galvanised jugs and pots to jut around and fill them with wildflowers. And none of these will be found in any major malls around your area.


Play around with different shades of neutral colours


This is a good idea for wall paint, curtains and large pieces of furniture. You need to head into varying shades of beige, ivory, champagne and creams. You should choose colour schemes that complement the natural elements. Everything about farmhouse style has to do with creating a calming energy which is why the colour scheme should always be neutral. Consider painting the ceiling the lightest colour, the walls one shade darker and then play with darker or whiter colours when furnishing the space. Your curtains can be lavish and patterned but again, stick to the colour scheme.


Include both the old and the new side-by-side


As mentioned already, mixing the old and the new together is an excellent idea to nail this look. And you should make sure that you incorporate the old and the new in your decor. But one of the best ways to really underpin this farmhouse style, find vintage items that you can still use. Find an old chest and make use of it in your lounge as a centrepiece or a featured item. You might be able to find old lights to use or a collection of wrought iron fire stokers to place near your indoor fireplace. You could do the same in your outdoor living space too. Perhaps you’ve made use of beautiful wooden fencing in your yard but you also have a jacuzzi and fairy lights in your trees.


Make use of wire, wicker and wood


All three of these materials are farmhouse style. So include wire in the form of baskets and trays, both indoors and outdoors. Make use of wood in the form of salvaged pieces. This might be old signage you’ve found at markets or even an old washboard or a spindle. Wicker was a popular furniture material in the 80s but it’s a great fit for farmhouse style decor. The colour is perfect for the neutral pallette and if you invest in a wicker rocking chair or a Porter’s chair you’ll be incorporating a perfect amount of texture.


Very few people can enjoy country living and even fewer can afford to live on a working farm.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy that warm and comfortable style of living. Even in a high-rise apartment you can bring in the look and feel of a farm cottage if that is your ideal decor style.