Giving your kitchen an update? Here’s some advice

It’s that time of the year. The time when everyone is setting up goals for themselves. Maybe revamping a room in your home is one of yours for this year? Have you always wanted to give your kitchen an update? Consider what you want to change in the busiest area of your home and then commit to it. Write everything down that you want to replace or change. Perhaps you can even set up a budget for it.

Setting a goal to update your kitchen and actually achieving it can be quite an obstacle. That’s why you need to set realistic and achievable goals. Giving your kitchen an update isn’t that difficult and can be done easily. You can give it a fabulous facelift without having to spend a fortune.

From small changes like replacing the kettle to bigger ones like changing the cupboards or painting, you can have a lot of fun. In this modern world, people tend to appreciate the finer details, materials and layout. Make sure you’re aware of all this. This is the place where you must be able to explore and experiment new things. A kitchen is a place that you’re supposed to love and enjoy, therefore you should opt for a modern look.

Here are a few ways to give your kitchen a modern update.


If you want to bring change to your kitchen and want other people to see the difference, then this is your answer. If your kitchen walls look tired and dull, why not give them oomph and bring them to life with a brighter colour? If you don’t want to paint your walls then your cabinets might be another option. You can mix up colours on different cabinets. A splash of paint can change any room into something you’ve never dreamed of.

Upgrade your stove

This is essential as it’s a needed appliance in the kitchen. What is a kitchen without a stove? We use them every day for small and bigger meals. It’s also a critical component of the household and life can be quite hard without one. There are a variety of stove models available that you can choose from. Both gas and electric stoves have their advantages but it all comes down to what and how you’re cooking. You must compare the gas stove prices with electrical ones and see which one works for you. Remember that safety comes first, so be aware of that as well. Perhaps the lasting heat on the electrical stove works better than the open flame on gas stoves. You should look into all of those aspects before upgrading your stove.


You don’t have to install brand new lighting. You can basically just replace your old ones. However, it’s up to you if you want completely new ones. You can install new lights on cabinets that’ll bring a beautiful glow to your kitchen. Lighting under your cabinets can also be installed as they bring light where it’s mostly needed. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The kitchen lights are on most of the time in comparison to lights from other rooms. In today’s modern home, the kitchen is the place where families spend time together as the dining room and kitchen are made as one. Since you cook, play and have family time here, proper lighting is definitely needed.

Create an open plan kitchen

Nowadays this is the way to go. Turning your kitchen and living or dining room into one. This’ll allow you to spend more time with your family as you can communicate while you’re busy prepa15ring a meal in the kitchen. You can create this open space by removing a door with its walls or cupboards that separate the two rooms. This’ll make your home look more spacious. There are many side by side fridges for sale which can be built-in. That will also save on space. You can add two or three bar stools that face the living or dining area at your kitchen island.

Update the hardware

If you want a project that’s not very costly, then this is it. You can create a change in your kitchen by just changing the knobs or pulls of your kitchen. This is a simple way to freshen up an existing space without spending too much. You don’t need experience or to hire someone to do this DIY project for you. Switching out knobs is easy with just a few twists with a screwdriver. You can even mix and match your knobs and pulls.

This may seem like a daunting goal and task at first but it’ll be worth your time and effort in the end. You can give your kitchen an update on an annual basis and it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can start with one of these and do one thing at a time. There’s no rush. Take all the time you need to create the perfect kitchen for you and your family.