Home security tips for 2016

picProtecting our homes is central to being able to live. It’s one thing to have a home but there’s no point if we feel our home is constantly in danger. The entire point of a home is having a space that is safe. Being 2016, progress has meant those seeking to enter our home can do so in a variety of ways. We should begin thinking ahead and examine the ways we can and should protect our homes.

Assessment first

Before we decide on what interventions we need, we should assess the state of our home. For example, how much cybersecurity will depend on what kind of devices we have installed. Is your property so large you need cameras?

You might find some areas are lacking by completing certain surveys, too. For example, SafeWise has a comprehensive home security checklist you can answer that determines how safe your home really is. Those areas where you are lacking can then be countered with interventions, from fence building and a man trap to lighting and fencing.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to your home security issues, but there are products most homeowners should consider.

Recommended security products

One aspect we tend to forget is our own actions. While it’s not our fault when things get stolen, we can still do more to prevent anything happening.

Make sure you close and lock doors behind you. We need to constantly be mindful of entries into the house, especially windows. Even burglar bars are not sufficient to stop those who want to enter, as these can be unscrewed or cut through. Having a closed window can sometimes do more to prevent a criminal entering, since it means making a loud noise to crack the window.

As one expert told Yahoo News: “Burglaries are considered ‘crimes of opportunity’ because the criminal is looking for the easy way to get into your home – the unlocked door, open garage door or open window.”

An alarm system is a very good deterrent, since this not only creates a loud noise but can be linked to security teams dispatched to your home.

Additionally, in the modern world, we should be focused on digital data, too. Our devices are often all connected to the same network, meaning they are all at risk. Proper digital security is essential for homes, as well as businesses.

One security expert noted:

“other people’s security practices (or lack thereof) affect us all. We’re all connected via the shared network we call the Internet. It’s in our own best interests to make sure everyone – even the grandmas on Facebook – know and practice basic security habits.”

He provides a guide that anyone can use to help protect their network, which also protects others’.

In these ways we become more secure and advanced in our interventions, as we enter the modern world.