Hosting a party? How to quickly spruce up your garden

Garden parties are the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion. You can have it picnic style on your lawn or you could set up a garden bench and table combination for people to sit and relax at. Be sure to look for garden benches for sale that you can personalise to suit the theme of the party to make it extra special.

When you are looking for wooden benches for sale always choose weather treated wood. This will ensure that the benches or chairs are not damaged by water or mould, and your picnic benches will look stunning no matter the weather. So, ready to host that spring-time soirée outdoors? Below are top tips on how to spruce up your garden.

Bring out the bunting

One quick and effective way to spruce up wooden tables and benches is to wrap them in bunting or to hang bunting around the seating area. To create a fun and quirky atmosphere, look for bunting in bright colours and patterns, or make your own from coloured paper so you have control over the theme.

If your garden party is a little more understated or elegant, you could opt for pastel colours or neutral tones. For example, a shabby-chic kitchen tea would do well when accessorised with bunting made from hessian and tied up with white lace. A party to welcome in the first few warm days of spring is the ideal setting for brightly coloured floral bunting. It is simple to hang and fun to look at, so be sure to invest in some for your next party.

Don’t skip setting the table

You might think that, because your party is being hosted outdoors, that you do not need to set the table, but this could not be further from the truth. You should set your table as beautifully and as elaborately as you would for an indoor party, with a few changes of course depending on the weather.

If you have high quality wooden patio furniture, you can use these chairs to sit on around your table. Or you could decorate your wrought-iron table with a plain white table cloth, a hessian runner and some mason jars filled with lavender. For a more elegant look, pair a charcoal table cloth with a rose gold runner and twinkle lights. This will help to create a party atmosphere with minimal effort.

Liven up the lighting

Lighting at a garden party is essential, especially if it is a late afternoon or evening party. You should invest in some strings of fairy lights in warm white to wrap around trees or you could buy candle holders in colours to match your colour scheme and fill them with tea light candles. If there will be children at the party, opt for battery operated tea light candles to be extra safe.

For a fun and quirky twist, you can hang paper lanterns from trees or from the rafters of your patio roof. Choose pastel colours for a spring-time event and darker colours for a winter or autumn party. Or you could opt for colours that match your theme, such as pinks and purples for a kitchen tea, or plain white to match any theme. Be sure to opt for battery-operated lanterns as these are safer and can be easily reused for another event.

Floral fantasy

This might seem obvious, but you are hosting an outdoor party and so should make use of the stunning natural decorations available to you: the flowers in your garden. Now, you should not prune or cut your prize roses, but you can pluck some pretty daisies and other flowers to put into vases or jars. Make a large bouquet of flowers for a centrepiece that will cost you very little.

Using flowers as decoration will give your party a relaxed and carefree atmosphere. If it is going to be in the springtime you should look for small, delicate flowers such as baby’s breath or forget-me-nots. For an event in autumn or winter, Amaryllis lilies are a good choice. Be sure to place enough water in the vases so that the flowers do not wilt during your party. You could thread some fairy lights between or around the vases on your table for an added dramatic effect.

Glam up your garden party

Throwing and planning a garden party can be stressful, but the decorating part doesn’t have to be. You can have fun with your decor, especially if you are accessorising high-quality wooden furniture. Start by hanging up some bunting and paper lanterns, then add some sparkle with fairy lights hung from the trees. If you bring flowers into the mix, you will have the perfect garden party set up for your guests.