How to clean your house in 10 minutes

cleaningIt’s not always that you get uninvited guests, but when you get that phone call to say they are on their way, there’s no time to get out the vacuum cleaner. Frantically running around to find your other shoe that’s most likely lying under your couch, only prolongs the process of speed cleaning. That’s why it’s always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Even if it looks like you’re just piling things somewhere.

The illusion of a clean sink

Stop pretending you’re going to rinse the dishes that are piling up on the counter. Besides, it will only take up more time before your guests arrive. Load them in the dishwasher if you have one, but if you don’t, then stack them neatly in the sink and wipe off the countertop. A countertop with no water residue or stains looks neat.

De-hair the sofa

A lint roller does a pretty good job, but it just takes up time. Instead, put on a pair or rubber gloves, run your hands over the arms, the seat and the back of the furniture, gathering up as much fur as possible. For water safe upholstery, wet the gloves for a better pickup. Plump up throw pillows and chair cushions.

While you’re in the living room check if there is nothing lying under the chairs. Run a microfiber cloth over the coffee table and other dusty surfaces, like the television screen. Put the magazines or books into neat stacks on the end tables. Then gather all of the stray remotes and put them all in one place.

Dash through the front hall

Grab a laundry basket and a shopping bag to serve as junk repository, and a have your microfiber cloth in hand to wipe off any surfaces. Load up the basket with any gloves, shoes, or hats that litter the foyer. Stash all the smaller items like mail or keys in the shopping bag. The plastic goes into the bin, and while you’re still in the foyer, shake the doormats outside. Grab the bin and head off to a nearby room you can hide it in.

The bedroom

Don’t panic. Hopefully the visitors won’t end up in your room. Quickly tidy up your bed, when duvet covers look neat, the whole room instantly becomes lighter. There’s no time to fold the rumpled clothes on the chair, so pile them all into your cupboard. Open the curtains for natural light to shine in your room; it just gives a much fresher atmosphere.

Remember to start your speed cleaning from whichever side your visitors will come through first. The living room and kitchen area are a top priority so be sure to do a double glance before you leave to clean up another room. No one has to know about your dirty little secrets, for all they know you’re the tidiest person they know.