How to design a home with safety in mind


Security is a broad concept: it’s not just big gates and guards, but protection and action and behaviour that we ourselves can employ. One key way to focus on security is to decide on how you will design your home, while keeping security in mind.

This doesn’t just mean putting in those traditional security aspects we mentioned. Naturally, if you can, you should install window bars, good locks and so on. But it could also mean lighting. Security lighting is using (specific) lights in a defensive way, to keep areas lit which is a deterrent to many thinking of violating your space.

As notes:

“the primary characteristics of most security lighting [are]: it’s bright, it covers a large area, it comes on when triggered, and it’s often mounted higher than other lights — which helps it cover a larger area.”

HomeDesignLove goes further about the importance and function of lighting in regards to security:

“Exterior lighting is popular with many homeowners, however it also enables people to see when you are at home, and when you are away. A better option is to install security lighting. Security lighting turns on when a sensor notices movement, which will still enable you to walk from the street to your door with lighting, but will deter burglars from doing the same. It’s a good idea to install this close to all entrances to your home.”

Some might take more extreme measures, that we might seen in businesses such as man-traps and security cameras. But lighting itself can be a great kind of security if used correctly.

Further, it might be necessary to have rooms designed in a way that helps conceal valuables. Whether this is a closet, hard to see area or even a safe, it might be a good idea to invest in this mindset when planning your rooms – instead of trying to make the rooms pretty. When we think of security, we often think break ins but it can’t forget fire.

As Consumer Reports notes:

“Fire is the No. 1 concern of most buyers, according to Greg Bonsib, director of brand management at SentrySafe, a major manufacturer in Rochester, N.Y. How real is that risk? The National Fire Protection Association says that during an average lifetime, there’s a one in four chance of experiencing a household fire large enough to warrant calling the fire department.”

These are just some concerns when it comes to security and your home.