How to increase the value of your home before putting it on the market



Ready to put your house on the market? house-car-vintage-old-large Selling your home can be an emotional affair and is most definitely stressful time in anyone’s life. However, if you have come to the point of accepting that the house must be sold and it’s time to move on then you need to ready your home so your potential buyer is willing to give you your asking price.

This doesn’t mean you need to renovate and spend a whole lot more money on the property, thereby decreasing your profits – it simply means that there are a couple of quick and easy moves to make that’ll show up your home’s best assets.

Ideally, begin by considering the pain(t) points of you home, both inside and out

If there is damp or peeling paint anywhere then you must set about giving that area a fresh lick of paint – with that said, giving your home a fresh coat both inside and out will give your house a facelift. If you can’t afford or don’t have time to paint both the inside and the outside, do the outside and all your doors and window frames on the inside.

A really cost-effective way of showing off your property’s best side is by making sure the garden looks delightful

It actually doesn’t matter who your buyer is – a garden that has been landscaped, neatened up and includes colourful flowers and lush grass will be viewed immediately as more aesthetically pleasing than one that is bare or overgrown. If you have quite a large outside area then you might consider building a fire pit or including a kid’s jungle gym. In residential areas, close to school zones, your buyer is likely to have a family and jungle gyms are such plus for a young families.

In order to create an ambient feel in the garden after dark, consider investing in some outside lighting. You could even look at installing solar powered lighting which is affordable and environmentally friendly.

There’s nothing more off-putting than an awful bathroom

If you have a discoloured toilet seat or shower curtain, if your bathroom cabinets are shoddy and there’s mould, then replace and refurbish before showing your property. Toilet seats, shower curtains and even bathroom cabinet doors are easily replaced and will immediately upgrade your bathroom. What’s more, a quick lick of paint throughout the bathroom will rid you of the mould problem temporarily (but definitely a problem you should inform the buyer of as it is a health hazard).

Once you have tweaked your home and made the necessary changes consider employing the assistance of a home stylist who can offer you a home staging

When selling your property, first impressions really do last and your buyer should see your property looking its best. Home staging includes bringing in items such art and décor pieces, throws and scatter cushions, and even fresh flowers – all these little additions could be the reason why you get the price you want. No questions asked.