How to invest in your garden

garden-2218786_960_720Your garden is a large part of your home. In fact, homes without a garden are not deemed as attractive as those that offer a bit of greenery and a pleasant outdoor space. But the modern homeowner is one who is more focused on saving money or investing rather than spending haphazardly. In the past, many property owners and agents thought that a beautiful, landscaped garden would rake in big resale value. This is no longer the case.


Maintaining a landscaped garden can cost quite a lot. Not everyone who can afford to purchase a property can also afford to maintain manicured gardens and lawns. But if you have a garden, you also can’t leave it to ruin or your property will appear to need work. To a prospective buyer that looks and feels like too much money needs to be spent.


You need to be smart when you invest in your garden. It’d be an excellent idea to speak with a professional about what will work best for your property specifically. But in the meanwhile, here’s what you need to know about investing in a garden that works with your property.


Be water savvy


Our country is in a water crisis. A large garden made up of rolling lawns looks beautiful and might even give your home a whimsical feel, but it’s not worth it. The water bill on a property with this much grass and greenery will be exorbitant and when water restrictions are in place you’re in danger of losing your lush lawn altogether. When you put your property on the market to sell, your gorgeous yard could be the very thing your potential purchaser is put off by.


Stay away from aliens


You want to have a garden that’s filled with indigenous plants. It’s the indigenous plants that keep your garden healthy and which can thrive off of less water. If you’ve set up a grey-water system in your home, it’s vital to have indigenous plants as they aren’t fussy and will easily survive off this system. Alien species are the big bad plants that demand attention and use up the very groundwater that we’re all trying to save.


Make it pretty


Investing in a garden that is easy to maintain, that won’t cost a lot, and that ups the value of your home means minimising the greenery. Of course, this sounds counterintuitive but you can replace the lawn you remove with shrubberies such as groundcover or garden furniture, or even decorative pieces, such as statues or gnomes. A bird bath is a lovely feature which uses little water and if you pair it with a bird feeder, you’ll find your garden packed with little feathery visitors. Make paths out of cobblestone and include a succulent garden bed which will require very little upkeep but looks great.


Invest in wooden fencing


This is particularly important for those whose gardens are in the front of their house. Wooden fencing looks far less intrusive in your garden than the likes of corrugated iron fencing or vibracrete walls. Because wood is a natural material it doesn’t look out of place but it will do the same job as any other type of fencing. Especially if paired with additional security systems such as outdoor alarm beams and so on. Wooden fencing will protect your privacy and keep people and dogs from walking across your garden, potentially messing up plants. It is also a durable material which is easily customisable to your personal style and it never looks out of place no matter the type of garden you have.


Irrigation systems save


A quality irrigation system will save you both money and water. Plus it helps to maintain your garden with little effort on your part. You can set the system to a timer that will ensure you are optimising the use of water for a short period of time and at the correct times according to the municipalities. If you set up an excellent irrigation system it’ll be a real value add for the new owners of your property.


When people are in the market for a property they want to be able to buy something that meets their needs. They don’t want to spend more money on creating the home they’re after. And most modern homeowners or potential purchasers want an outdoor space that won’t cost them. They simply want a gorgeous space in which they can enjoy some time in the sun.