The importance of home security

Your home should be one of the safest places that you know of. It not only houses all of your belongings, but also your family. A home is where you not only lay your head, but escape from the rest of the world. When someone violates that sanctity, it’s a heart-wrenching feeling that doesn’t leave you for years to come. At least you can deter these individuals with home security measures.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new home owner or one that has several houses, security is an important aspect and a necessity of modern-day life. Older generations may regale you with tales of leaving their houses unlocked when going out ‘in the old days’, but that is no longer a reality. South Africa has a high crime rate, which its populace is trying to battle. It means that security is more important than ever.

Having additional security will also help with insurance premiums and make your family feel safe.

Home protection you should already have

Each and every home should already have secure locks on entrances and burglar bars on all of the windows. A deadbolt on doors wouldn’t hurt, either. Your burglar bars should be secured with screws that can only be fastened and never removed. It doesn’t matter if you live on a small holding or a the fifth floor of an apartment complex, make sure there is no way for an intruder to gain access to your home.

Additionally, look at having sensors and an alarm installed. Although these can be a pain to both arm and disarm, they are also a life-saver if someone is entering through a window. They can alert your security company or let off a loud noise to scare away cat burglars. Just be sure to personalise the security as you don’t want your pets to set off the alarm each time they nip out for a midnight scroll or scratch.

Having a family dog with a loud bark can help to mitigate the number of people who want to enter your property uninvited.

If there is a wall around your house, think about installing electric fencing with a backup generator to power them. And include remote controlled gates for access. Another option is a video intercom so that you can always see who is at the door.

Community group

A trend that is both fashionable and functional is that of community Whatsapp and Facebook groups. This allows everyone in the neighbourhood or complex to stay up to date with the comings and goings of everyone inside of it.

Communities can take the groups a step further by creating a neighbourhood watch and getting involved with local security companies. This would increase the response time for incidents as well as ward off anyone thinking of breaking into a house.

Security cameras

While some houses may have dud cameras fitted as deterrents, working ones are far superior. The ability to capture footage of intruders is useful when opening a case with the police and claiming from insurance.

It will be a good idea to speak to professional security service about installing a camera system around your property. But for those DIY fanatics, there are a few pieces of equipment you’ll need.

You are going to need a set of cameras – enough to cover all of the critical parts of your property. Each one should cover as much area as possible without the need to swivel, as well as those dark, hidden spots. When it comes to outside cameras, look at getting ones that are waterproof or are housed in watertight cases. Is there a point to spending money on devices that will break during the winter months?

Look at hooking up your cameras to motion sensors – they will only record when the sensors pick up movement. This will not only save you money on storage space, but electricity as well.

You will also need a DVR box and storage solution (sometimes these are one in the same). All of the cameras connect to the DVR box, which controls the feeds and all of the devices. The system allows you to record everything the camera sees and to store it for later. Make sure you have a video wall controller as well in order to view all of the camera feeds at once.