Keep it modern with these clean bathroom tips

There is definitely something warm and fuzzy about shopping for bathroom sets and accessories.

As much as your bathroom is your own personal, intimate space, it can also tell your guests a lot about your living standards and hygiene. It’s extremely important to have an invested interest in this space.

Get in touch with your zen side

If you feel like you could immerse yourself in a clean, calm spa setting every day, then the perfect approach to your new bathroom design is a minimalist one. Less is more, and it’ll never change.

We don’t all have the luxury of visiting a spa to unwind, so why not make your own bathroom a unique version of that. Modern accessories, matching bathroom sets and quality towels are small adjustments that can make such a difference. The general rule of thumb is to go with white, neutral or glass colours, especially for bathroom sets, but, if you are thinking about adding some colour to your space, the perfect furniture to do that with is your drawers, cabinets, curtains and walls. These will act as featured items.

Focus on the bare necessities

A toilet roll holder, soap holder and mirror are absolute must-have accessories that form part of your every day morning routine. To make them look good, they will need to match the styles you already have going on in your bathroom, whether that be contemporary or traditional. If your current combination has a simple look, you might want to opt for subtle bathroom accessories with clean and straight lines.

When it comes to bathroom sets, these are core elements that people tend to forget about. These are the storage units that keep everything together and uniform. Besides that, they’re little elements that help set the tone for the rest of the accessories in your bathroom. Whether you’re looking to decorate a small or a big space, it is important that all the bathroom accessories match one another, and suit the other fixtures.

Goodbye unnecessary clutter

Much like most of our days at the office, our days are filled with demands. Imagine getting home from a long day, sitting back and relaxing in the tub and not having to stare at a cluttered bathroom. Sounds about right. Gone are the days where open glass jars with cotton wool balls were a must-have. Showing off your toiletries isn’t for everyone, in fact, recent trend spotters show that many people actually like their toiletries to be more concealed and packed away (and even guests prefer that too). If you’re looking for a quick way to declutter your space, then storing your toiletries in a beautiful tumbler or keep things boxed up in a cabinet is the best way to do just that.

The more clutter, the harder it is to mentally get round to refreshing your bathroom. Get rid of those unwanted Secret Santa gifts and expired toiletries. If it’s broken or gathering dust, throw it away.

Purpose makes perfect

To justify the money (and effort) that you’re putting into your bathroom, it’s important to think about how you’ll be using your bathroom. This will dictate the importance of certain accessories that you buy (anything from towel holders, soap baskets, toilet roll holders or furniture fittings). Detail is everything.

To maximise on space, try to hang a double or single hook for your towels or robes, otherwise, a double towel rail will also do. Also, consider installing a wall mounted or hanging shower rack to keep soap accessible and looking neat as well. If you pamper yourself often, or use a lot of products in the bath or shower, then it is good to consider hanging a rack to accommodate all those bottles.

Light up your life

Usually bathroom lighting is something that only people in the movies tend to care about, but really, it is a real thing. Despite being one of the key elements that can completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom, choosing the correct lighting that will help illuminate the bathroom effectively, while also contributing to the overall design, is what you need to be looking at. Always place a light directly above your mirror for ultimate convenience while washing, shaving, applying makeup or doing your hair.

A place that you go to but don’t talk about (unless it’s beautiful), and strangely, it is one of the most important rooms in the house. You start your day there and end it there. So, if you’re bored of looking at the same ol’ bathroom every day, it’s never too early or too late to update your current situation.

There are countless ways to update your bathroom without spending a fortune, and it’ll definitely help rejuvenate you and calm your mood when enjoying it thereafter. Maybe all it just needs is a fresh lick of paint, some matching towels and a scented candle, but whatever it is, a well put together bathroom is essential. It’s the little that goes a long way.