Kitchen essentials for winter

Make your kitchen a cosy place this winter, from adding essential household needs to seasonal decorations. Here is a compilation of winter must-haves for your kitchen:

Stock up on cleaning supplies

During winter, we spend most of our time indoors and there are more messes to be cleaned up. Make sure you have all your dishwashing liquids, disinfectant wipes, furniture polish and other cleaning equipment you will need.

Clean your kitchen

Start with your fridge, toss out everything that is expired, frozen leftovers, and those half empty bottles of salad dressing you don’t like.

Secondly, give your drawers a good cleaning with the right detergents.

And, lastly, do a bit of organising in both your cupboards and fridge, this will make your kitchen look neater, plus it will be easier to find things.

Have your winter scents ready

Fill your kitchen with winter scents such as cinnamon and vanilla. This will not only will make it smell great but it is also a good way to relax and get a gentle aroma wafting through your kitchen.

Add a rug

If you have tiled or wooden floors, cosy them up with a rug. Go for a for a bright one and it will instantly make your kitchen look warmer.

You can also use more than one rug and layer them on top of each other to add more visual interest while keeping warm.

Dress your window and add copper

Keep the space feeling cheery and bright by adding bold window treatments to your kitchen such as red or yellow curtains, depending on your kitchen colour. Also, introduce copper tones as they will add a warm and radiant glow to your kitchen, it can be cookware, pendants or cabinet handles.

Kitchen throws

Although the kitchen isn’t the ideal place for throws, it is a great idea if you’re looking to give your kitchen a cosy and luxurious feel.

Put one over a chair and viola, there’s your winter-friendly kitchen.

Gas stoves and slow cookers

If you have an electric stove, consider switching to a gas stove. Not only is it less expensive because it uses natural gas but it cooks faster than an electric stove.

Use the slow cooker to make stews, soups etc. There’s nothing more comforting than a meal that’s been cooking for hours, developing rich, robust flavours.

Winter staples 

Make sure you have all your go-to cold weather cooking staples, this will depend on what you like eating in winter. It’s also the season of baking, so you want to make sure your baking tools and ingredients are well-organised.

Meal planning

Winter meals usually consist of warm foods such as soups and stews. This is the time you should switch up your menu and spice things up with hearty meals that will keep you warm.