Know this before you take on your home DIY projects


There are tons of DIY projects that can teach you all you need to know about how to create and fix things yourself. You’ll find all information about DIY projects by watching YouTube videos or reading articles on how to go about starting certain projects. Before you get cutting and grinding, there are a few aspects of DIY you need to consider.


Know your supplies


When heading out to buy the supplies for your project, consider the salesperson’s opinion about a particular piece that you want to create for your DIY project. Especially if you’re heading to a hardware store. Perhaps they can provide you with inexpensive material that can be used as a substitute for an item you had wanted to use. Salespeople deal with items on a daily basis and will know a thing or two about supplies and might even be able to make a better suggestion. Their perspective could save you time and money. Or you can head off to your local scrapyards in Cape Town or Johannesburg and see whether there are recyclable items you can use.


Factor time and cost


Estimate how much time you’ll be spending on your project. You may want to add two extra hours to your estimation for any unforeseen circumstances. This can be anything from breaking the board or chipping the wood you’re using and having to start from scratch. By giving yourself an approximate time on your project you’re ensuring that it won’t be a “start and forget” project. If you’re a known procrastinator, give yourself a deadline. This is one way to ensure you don’t waste time and money. Estimating how long a project will take will also give you an idea as to whether or not a DIY project is worth diving into.


Understand the process


Chat to someone who has done the same project you want to take on or do online research to have a good understanding of what the project entails. Keep in mind that if this is your first time taking on a DIY project, you might end up spending a lot of time on it.


Home DIY projects can save money, but if done incorrectly, you could end up spending more money by trying to fix what you’ve done wrong. Do thorough research on the type of project you want to do. If it turns out that it will cost more to do it yourself, then save your money and rather call in a professional or buy the product.