How to know you’re ready to move in with your SO

Moving in with your significant other is a big step. You might be basically living together already. But actually taking the step and moving in together is massive.

You’re making a statement to yourselves and the world that you are serious. This is a relationship that you both value. This one is (hopefully) for keeps. But how do you know that you’re doing the right thing?

Here are some ways you can be sure you’re ready to take this step.

It was his idea

Men are traditionally slower to come round to the idea of commitment. So, if he suggested moving in together, then you know he thinks it’s serious. He clearly wants to see you more regularly. Anyone who willingly chooses to see you in the early morning and at the end of a long workday must be pretty serious about this relationship. This is a very positive sign for your relationship.

You’re pretty much living together already

You already have a key to his home and you’re there daily. Well, when he’s not at your flat, of course. Do you have a toothbrush at his place? How about a change of underwear? If you just answered yes, then you’re basically living together. You’re spending all of your time together. You know you want to be together. All that’s left is making it official by moving in together.

You’re on the same page about your relationship

You both want the same things from your relationship. Yes, it’s early days but you’ve discussed the big things. You know whether or not you both want to get married. You know whether you both want to have children or not. You know what constitutes a good weekend for your significant other and you either feel the same way or are able to compromise successfully. You both want to have sex a certain number of times each week or month. You know just how adventurous your significant other wants to get in the bedroom, whether he wants to try sex toys, role play or other naughty adventures. You know him and there won’t be too many surprises when you unpack your belongings in the same house.

You’ve been on a holiday together

There’s nothing like going on holiday with your significant other to know whether you can handle living with them. When you go away together you’ll have to deal with tighter than usual living quarters, being out of your comfort zone and the horror of waiting for flights. There’s nothing like being on an 18-hour layover with someone to know whether you want to commit to them.

You don’t feel pressured

Whether you’re feeling pressure from your significant other to move in or from your parents to continue living at home and wait until you’re married, that’s not ideal. You need to make decisions based on how you feel. You need to decide what you’d like for yourself and your life. If you don’t want to move in together right now, that’s fine. If you don’t want to get married now, that’s also fine. What’s important is that you make this decision for yourself.

You had a big fight and survived

There’s not much that’s going to help you decide like surviving a big fight. You’ll need to properly understand what the fight was about, how you both reacted and whether it was warranted in the first place. Did you feel like your significant other treated you fairly? Did you feel like your point of view was heard and respected? If that’s the case and you both survived to tell the tale, then you have a pretty solid relationship. Remember, it’s normal for couples to fight. It’s how you deal with the aftermath that’s important.