How to make your bathroom better

You may not think of your bathroom as a nice place or somewhere you want to hang out for long periods of time. After all, you’re pretty much in there to clean yourself, do your business, and play Angry Birds to pass the time. It may not seem like much, but the bathroom should be your haven and place to relax in.

Whether you’re just moved into a new place or you’ve been living there for a while, there’s a chance that your bathroom is a white and clinical looking place. You’ll have the necessities, like toilet paper, a toilet brush, some soap, and a messy shelf or cabinet. It may just be time to change the way your bathroom looks and to give it a more homey feel.

Here are a few ways in which you can spruce up your bathroom.

Add in a few scents

The bathroom should be one of the best-smelling rooms in the entire house, especially considering what goes on in there. Often, it won’t smell like anything until you’ve flushed the toilet and sprayed some air freshener. It’s boring. It’s bland, And it may be time for a change.

Buy yourself an automatic sprayer, which is set to a timer. It’ll allow your bathroom to smell nice and fresh every time you step foot into it. And you won’t have to feel embarrassed when guests come around. Having a constant, nice smelling room will elevate your spirits.

Another way to do this is to purchase a few scented candles. Now, many people have candles in their bathroom, but they’re wasted as ornaments. Give your candles a functional use and light them before guests come over or when you’re taking a shower or a bath. Everything will just feel better.

Get a matching bathroom set

Your toilet doesn’t have a cover, your mat and face cloths don’t match, and you cannot remember where you even got your towels from. Right? Well, a muddled mess of colours may be throwing off the look and feel of your bathroom. It may just be time to get yourself a nice matching bathroom set.

And you don’t need to stick to just one of these. Depending on the season or the climate you live in, you can match your bathroom set to the weather outside. Is it incredibly hot? Get something in the blue or green ranges to give the bathroom or a cooler feel. Is it snowy or raining? Then how about using a deep red set to make the bathroom feel a little warmer.

Not to mention that colour coordinating your bathroom just looks nice. Everything matches and nothing looks out of place. It’s organised and calm.

Get a few plants

By now the bathroom will have a nice new set of towels and smell terrific, but there’s probably something missing. And that missing thing is a plant, or several plants. Having a pot plant or two in your bathroom is an excellent way to brighten the room and give it a better look at feel. And, because you’ll be bathing or showering, the steam can be great for your new leafy friend.

Look at getting a few inside ferns or a cactus to place on the window sill or an open shelf. Just be sure to research the plant and if it’ll be fine in the bathroom with heat and that much moisture. After all, you don’t want it dying in the first few weeks of having it.

The decor

Ever been in a hotel bathroom and wondered why there was a painting of a ship on the wall? That’s because it adds to the decor, the aesthetics of the bathroom. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to look for a few pieces to place around the bathroom to brighten it up a bit more. These can include magazines or ornaments – even some welded candle stick holders for those scented candles.

Anything, really, will make your bathroom the ultimate chill out zone for when you need it the most. We don’t need to be confined to white walled rooms when the ‘need’ arises. Something cozy and warm will make your visit that much easier.