How to make your granny flat bathroom look bigger

Your granny flat has much more potential than you realise, especially if you take the time to decorate it strategically. One of the areas which can be overlooked while decorating is the bathroom. Below are some handy tips and tricks to help make a small granny flat bathroom look and feel more spacious.

Make it match

One of the first things you can do is to look for accessories for your bathroom that match in colour, such as bathroom sets, curtains and bathroom mats. By matching the accessories, you are reducing the amount of visual clutter in the room.

If you are aiming for a more ‘Zen’ look, choose tones such as light blue or green. You can mix colours in similar hues or tones but avoid using contrasting colours which can be confusing to the eye. Matching accessories also helps to create the illusion of more space. If you enjoy patterns, be sure to choose simple geometric ones over loud florals or exotic prints.

Space saving lights

If the space in your bathroom is limited, choose lights that do not take up too much space. Wall sconces mounted on the mirror or cove lights behind the mirror will help to create the right ambience, without taking up too much space.

A small bathroom with a low ceiling should not have overhead lights, as this can make the space appear smaller and be dangerous for taller people. You should install dimmer switches for the lighting, as this can help to enhance the calming atmosphere. Using daylight or cool white lights aid in making the room appear bigger too, so opt for these bulbs in at least a 60 watt brightness.

Choose the right colour

The colour of the bathroom walls can make it look smaller or bigger, so be sure to choose the right one. Pastel colours, off-white and bright white reflect the light from windows and mirrors, making the bathroom space appear bigger.

You do not have to stick to plain walls, look for wallpaper with minimalistic patterns in light colours for a statement wall in the bathroom, but remember to keep it simple. If you prefer darker walls, try not to choose black but rather opt for charcoal or dove grey to avoid making the space appear much smaller than it already is.

Mirrors are magical

A strategically placed mirror can work wonders in a small bathroom, and will make the space look much bigger. Choose a mirror that does not have a bulky frame, as this will take up wall space and it may clash with the theme of the decor in the room.

Place your mirror adjacent to a window, rather than directly in front of it. Not only will this lessen the glare for whoever uses it but the mirror will reflect light around the room, rather than straight back out of the window. A large horizontal mirror will produce the effect of expanding a space while a long, vertical mirror will create the illusion of raised ceiling height.

Install built-in shelving

One of the ways that bathrooms lose space is by having bulky, free-standing storage. You can remedy this by installing open, built-in shelves which appear to be part of the walls rather than separate pieces of furniture.

Paint the shelves in the same colour as the walls, making them seamlessly blend into the room. This will help with the illusion of space and will create storage. Make sure the shelves are not too deep, as they may stick out and take up too much space. For visual interest, you can cover the bottom of each shelf in wallpaper in a colour that matches the rest of the room.

Watch the scale of your fixtures

If you are completely remodelling your granny flat bathroom, be sure to keep an eye on the scale of the fixtures you include. Often bathtubs, sinks and toilets are the wrong sizes for the space, so be sure to measure everything precisely before you install it.

A helpful way to find fixtures that are the right scale is to draw a plan of the bathroom with these fixtures in it, to see how they will fit. To make the space appear bigger, keep them sleek and minimally sized, with tones that match the walls for a seamless aesthetic. A wall-hung toilet is ideal for a smaller bathroom, as it frees up floor space. The cistern is hidden in the wall, decluttering the room.

Keep it simple

One of the best ways to creating more space in a room is to keep the decor and colours simple, as well as using clean lines for all fixtures. If you clutter the room too much with brightly coloured walls and free-standing shelving the bathroom will appear smaller than its actual size, which may be unappealing to renters. A light and airy bathroom will become a haven for anyone who uses it, so keep the above tips and tricks in mind when redesigning yours.