How to prepare your guest bathroom for visitors

When you are selling your home, you will have potential buyers coming to view it. During these times, you will need to ensure that each room of your home is clean and beautifully decorated.


Potential buyers are often highly critical of how a room looks upon their first viewing, and staging your bathroom can make a world of difference between a sale or a rejection. Below is some helpful advice on how to prepare your guest bathroom for visitors.

Keep it clean

One of the very first things that people notice about a bathroom is not the stunning matching bathroom sets, it is the cleanliness of the room. You should clean all the fixtures in the room including the bathtub, taps and toilet.


If you have a shower, you should clean the grout between each tile in order to make the room really sparkle and to be completely rid of any and all mold. If you feel as though the task is too difficult, you could hire a professional cleaner to deep clean the room. For an extra bit of flair, you could use an air diffuser with a pleasant scent after cleaning so there is no unpleasant bleach or chemical smell.

Nice and neutral

In order to appeal to potential buyers, your guest bathroom should have a calming ambience and a neutral colour scheme. You should paint the walls in pale glossy hues such as aqua, turquoise, sage, cream or white.


Neutral colours will allow buyers to imagine the room as their own, which will increase your chances of a sale. Painting the trim and doors white will brighten the room and will also give it a contemporary look. Not only will these colours soothe the viewers visually but they will also lend your guest bathroom a sense of spa-like luxury which will appeal to any potential buyers.

Freshen the linens

While those viewing your guest bathroom will most likely not be using it, it is important to still have fresh linens on show. If you have a fabric shower curtain, you should wash it before rehanging it as you should all bath and toilet mats.


Putting in fresh towels will give your guest bathroom a gorgeous, fresh look and will allow potential buyers to imagine the room as their own. It is better to use white towels and plain shower curtains rather than using your own personal brightly coloured ones. You should also try rolling your towels to display them. Rolled towels can make a room look elegant and more spacious.

Artwork and mirrors

If you are going to hang artwork or mirrors in your guest bathroom, keep it simple. Avoid hanging personal photographs in a space that you are planning to sell, and keep mirrors simple and modern.


You should try to unify artwork by a theme or by a colour, such as black and white landscapes or seascapes in pastel frames. Do not clutter the wall by hanging several small pieces but rather use one or two larger pieces to tie the room together. A mirror should be adjacent to a window so it can reflect the light around the room and create the illusion of more space. Look for mirrors with small frames, and avoid hanging a mirror directly across from the toilet.

Add fresh flowers

Fresh flowers in a bathroom may not sound like the norm, but they can create a focal area for the eye, drawing away from a small guest bathroom. Set up a white or clear glass vase with some freshly cut flowers just before the viewing.


The scent of fresh flowers can also help to put potential buyers in the right mood to make an offer, especially uplifting scents such as rose or jasmine. You could opt for brightly coloured flowers such as proteas or Gerber daisies to bring some visual interest to the room but be sure you do not detract from the style of the bathroom, as that is what the viewers are there to see.

Clear the counters

You should avoid leaving any personal items on the bathroom counters. This can clutter the room and make it appear smaller, as well as distract viewers from the rest of the bathroom. Creating a clean slate will allow potential buyers to see the bathroom as ‘theirs’ and help them plan out their own decor.


Not only will you eliminate clutter from the room if you clear the counter space, you will also avoid making the viewers feel as if they are intruding on your personal space. This can lead to awkwardness and may have a detrimental effect on their willingness to make an offer. Be sure the counters are spotlessly clean after you remove your personal items from them.


Preparing your guest bathroom for a viewing may seem like extra work but it is highly worthwhile in the end. You will be able to present a stunning, spa-like retreat to potential buyers, who will consider a clean and modern guest bathroom a significant advantage to buying your house. Invest some time into cleaning and sprucing your guest bathroom up and see how enthusiastic people are when they come to view your house!