How to prevent cheapening the home


No one likes the idea of making their home look less good than it should be. We put hours of time and energy into creating the best environment we can. The idea of no one appreciating what we’ve done is devastating and we should figure out precisely what it is that can cheapen our homes and make them less desirable.

Being economically savvy doesn’t mean we’re doing anything bad – but, ideally, if we can portray something, we’d want to show off the best aspects of it. Sometimes, it’s not even that we purchase cheap items, but what we do with them in our otherwise lovely home.

Furniture disaster

We can have the most expensive furniture in the world. Yet, if it clashes horrifically with our wall paint, lighting and so on, it can undo an entire room. As one home blogger notes, one aspect is colour choice:

“There are fifty four billion paint colors to choose from. But there are is a very, very LIMITED number of beautiful and affordable fabrics, rugs, pillows. It’s always easier to find a paint color to go with a fabric than the other way around.”

Of course, we can search for covering and fabric that work better. We’re not nailed down. But we are severely limited when we focus on fabric. Further, we should consider whether furniture can fit and whether their shape or design works with the rest of the house. This looks bad or cheap because it seems like an afterthought, even when it’s.high-quality items???

Picture imperfect

Inconsistency is the theme for us, this time. One thing people spot easily are pictures and picture frames. When frames don’t match other frames in the same room, it can look odd as if we just picked it up without thinking. Even simple frames work if they’re consistent. Popular Mechanics has an easy way to make our own frames, cheaply but at least consistently. After all, one reason we choose frames is due to them fitting the picture itself. Here, we’re in control and can achieve whatever end we like, since we’re doing the building.

Bathroom design shouldn’t stink

We cannot ignore what our bathroom looks like. It’s often a sign of the rest of home. We must pick the best towels to match our bathroom sets, the right mats and taps. If our bathroom gets a lot of light, we should use that with white tiles and flooring to capture this – this pairs well with steel and metal. If we prefer earthier aspects, we can focus on splashing aspects of green. However, pairing these kinds of things incorrectly leads to the bathroom being perceived as a mess. We can prevent that by ascertaining colours and designs that all match to convey the right, clean feel we want.