How to protect your outdoor furniture from the weather

gardenIf you have a beautiful garden and outside entertainment area, then adding gorgeous garden furniture optimises the space for comfort and enjoyment. There’s nothing better than settling down to dinner in your outdoor dining area for an al fresco feast during the summer months, or lounging on a comfy sunbed to catch some rays.


Outdoor furniture looks super classy but it can take a real beating from the weather. Generally, you need to look into ways to protect your garden furniture, whether it’s made from wood, wrought iron or plastic. However, it is the wooden furniture that suffers the most and can be the most expensive to replace.


Considering the weather in South Africa is changing constantly and the conditions have become more extreme, you have to pay some real attention to protecting your home. Of course, the outdoor furniture is most vulnerable. Plastic, wrought iron and wooden garden furniture is often very hardy and the manufacturers will treat the products before they deliver them. But it would do you well to take extra precaution regardless, as even a strong downpour of rain can hurt your furniture. And it’s easy and simple enough to care for your furniture even if you feel completely ignorant. Of course, you can turn to the manufacturers to find out about optimal care. In some cases they have produced the care products themselves and you can purchase them in store or order them. Also, your garden furniture is likely to have some kind of warranty or guarantee in place when you purchase it, which means you will be able to have your furniture fixed or maintained by the manufacturer for free for a certain period of time. However, you will be expected to care for your furniture to a certain degree for you to legitimately apply for maintenance in accordance with the guarantee or warranty.


Cover to protect from harsh weather conditions


Everyone knows the weather conditions of the major cities – windy Cape Town, rainy Joburg and humid Durban – but you need to pay attention to the suburb in which you actually live. For instance, if you live down near the ocean in Hout Bay or Melkbosstrand in Cape Town you need to consider that the wind will spray sea sand all over your garden and home. Sea sand is abrasive and will sting your legs as well as your table and chairs. So it is a good idea to find a cover for your outdoor furniture. If you’re worrying about rain, you should look to treating the wood with a water sealant. And you simply must have a strong and thick cover for your table, chairs, couches, swings, benches, umbrellas and so on.


Consider a lick of paint


This is specifically for your wooden garden furniture as paint offers a particularly good protective layer. You might not want to change the wooden look and feel, so a strong varnish will do the trick. Paint protects in many different ways. It will reflect the harsh UV rays from the sun, protect the wood from rot and the worst problem you’re going to face is chipping or peeling. Of course, this is easily fixed by reapplying the paint to the affected area. Look for a product that is latex-based as it lasts longer than the others.


Watch where you place your furniture


Pay some attention to where you place your furniture. Or move it into a safer space when it is not in use. Placing your garden furniture on the perimetres on your outdoor area will expose it to weather damage more so than anywhere else. The sun and the rain (and hail and wind) will have much easier access to your furniture around the perimeter. You want to cover your furniture and fold it up if possible, and stack it neatly on the side of your house. If you have any type of porch covering then place the covered furniture underneath but obviously stacking it all into the garage is best.


South African weather patterns are changing and becoming more harsh than before. After all, Cape Town is the driest it’s been in decades with blustering winds and Johannesburg has a downfall of rain. It’s difficult to know what the weather will be from one day to the next so you need to simply take extra precaution in order to preserve your home and it’s wares. What’s more, next summer you don’t want to have to purchase an entire set of new garden furniture because what you had is ruined.