Renovations that add value to your home

Man renovating painted surfacesEverybody who’s ever tried to sell a house knows that it’s not as easy as it seems, especially if it’s a buyer’s market. You don’t just want to sell, you want to make a profit so that you can finally buy your dream house. There are various ways to increase the resale value of your property, and renovating is a really good one.

So, here are four popular renovations that could add value to your home.

Guest bathroom

Nobody really wants their guests going into their personal space every time they need to use the bathroom. so, building on a guest bathroom will most likely attract potential buyers. Having an extra bathroom just makes life easier, especially when you have a large family. Placing this bathroom outside the general bedroom area is a good idea (but not too far away).


Adding a pool is not an easy task, but having one could be a huge drawcard. If you’re looking to attract families with children, this mad and outdated kitchen it’s a really good idea to do update the look and feel. Look up interesting decorating ideas and get started.
y be the deciding factor. It doesn’t have to be an olympic-sized swimming pool or even anything fancy. You can even build a small pool yourself, which will take more effort but cost less money.

New kitchen

People often look at kitchens first when viewing a house. This is because it’s a room people generally spend a lot of time in and also guests often go in. If you have an ol
Double garage

Whether or not the potential buyers own two cars, having a double garage is never a bad idea. The space doesn’t always have to be used to house vehicles, it can also be used as a storage facility or games room.  

There are many more features that you can add to your home that will increase the resale value, but with these renovations you’ll have potential buyers checking their bond repayment calculator in no time.