Seven Smart Packing Tips for a Quick Move

Most people strive to get their dream job or land the best deal on their dream home; once they have achieved this target, it’s time to relocate. As much as happy you would be to move into a new place, the anxiety and stress related to packing and moving can bring you down. No doubt, it’s a time-consuming process that can be physically and mentally taxing. But with proper planning and organizational skills, you can overcome the fear and get the job done!

The reality check is that life moves at a much faster pace, leaving you with little time to pack your belongings for a quick move. To get things packed in perfect order, one must have at least a period of three to four weeks at hand.

Below are the top seven tips that can help you pack efficiently and quickly:

  1. Take Photos Of Your Belongings

When in for a quick move, you will not have ample time to create a list of your belongings. A beneficial alternative is taking photographs of your items. Not only will it serve as proof in case something goes missing by the movers, but it will also help you run a quick check at the end. Taking photos of your valuable items will also assist you in swiftly reorganizing your new place from scratch. One look at the picture and you know what to put where.

  • Manage Your Logistics 

A last-minute move will make matters too sluggish and utterly challenging to finish. Instead of wasting time on procrastination, work towards getting the oversized items off your list first.

 In the beginning, decide whether to move things by yourself, rent a truck, or hire a moving company. If you are hiring a company, the best way to find reputable movers in your area is to check a directory.

 If you decide to hire a truck, spend some time to get quotes from a couple of companies before settling on one. Maximize the truck space smartly by managing the area according to your items. Place the heaviest items before anything else and pack the remaining space tightly with smaller and flexible items.

The sooner you decide how to move your things, the less stressful your tasks will become. It is wise to rent a self storage unit to keep your fragile items in a secure space, saving them from potential damage.

  • Declutter

As minimalism prevails as a modern trend, decluttering does not sound as second-class as it did a few decades down the lane. By jumping on the bandwagon, you can make packing more simple by minimizing the number of items you are moving. Take three bins and distribute the things you do not need in recycle, donate, and discard categories. That will create extra space in a rental truck. Additionally, you will have room to decorate your new place with the latest décor items.

  • Create An Essentials Box

Make a small essentials box to hold the necessary items you would need until the last moments of your move. The chaotic process of packing misplaces things that you would rather keep close to you all the time, such as medicines, toiletries, chargers, and important documents. Things are likely to get messier during last-minute action. Thus, it is better to set aside the essentials box before losing them in the piles of unsorted things.

  • Avoid Procrastination

It is easy to get overwhelmed when you have a massive packing task ahead of you. Likely, your belongings do not reach the new place in perfect shape if you panic over tiny details. Therefore, it is optimum to start packing sooner than delaying it unnecessarily.

  • Involve Friends And Family

Moving is a backbreaking process; thus, the sooner it is done, the better. Moreover, there is no offense in asking a few friends and family members to render a helping hand. Instead, it makes the job a lot easier and more fun. Having the assistance of your close ones during the strenuous moments can be relieving, thus keeping you more focused and vigilant.

  • Get The Right Packing Material

Getting used boxes for packing from a local business or someone you know can be an excellent strategy to cut expenses. However, this might not work when you are up for a quick move. Primarily, old stocked boxes are not intact entirely. Therefore you will need extra time to scrutinize them and find the one that is clean and robust. But suppose you are persistent on re-using old moving boxes. In that case, you have to reinforce their bottom with durable material as an added safety.

Additionally, it would help if you had storage blankets to safeguard your furniture from scratching and bubble wrap to protect the crystals from breaking.


When pressed for time, it is a good idea to make a moving checklist and organize your move. That way, you can do tasks one by one in order and on time. Moreover, it is essential to get a safe place to store fragile items. Delicate stuff such as crystals, showpieces, porcelain, and artifacts can make the task more stressful so getting a storage unit will be beneficial. All in all, try to enjoy the process as you will soon be starting fresh and spending a memorable time with your loved ones in your new home.