Simple tips for organising your bathroom

You might not have a dreamy spa bathroom. But, no matter how small or awkwardly shaped it is, you can have a neat and clutter-free one. Having an organised and tidy bathroom will make the space feel larger and it will be easier to use. You can start out by clearing out all drawers, cupboards and storage units in the bathroom to decrease unneccessary items and then move on to organising the rest of the room.

Be sure to look out for matching bathroom sets, including bathroom curtains to bring the room together. You will find that many bathroom set specials include matching accessories, which will make it easier for you to create a synchronised and coherent space. If you want a calming and relaxing place to soak up some suds, read on below for some top tips on organising your bathroom.

Make your medicine cabinet manageable

More often than not, if you have a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, you will put everything in it that does not have a “proper place” in your bathroom. For example, those facial oils you bought in hopes of getting a radiant complexion. If you have one that you use daily but neglect the others, dispose of the others and keep your favourite.

A simple way to manage your medicine cabinet is to place similar items in small storage boxes for ease of use. You could place plasters, anti-inflammatory creams and painkillers in a box labelled “First Aid”, face creams, face washes and toners in a box labelled “Face Care” and so forth. This way you can pull out a box and find everything you need inside without having to fumble around to find something.

Tidy up that tub

Now, you might not think that you need to keep your shower or bath tub clutter free, but in reality, these are two areas that are severely overlooked when it comes to tidying. Start by cleaning both of them thoroughly, then you can move on to decluttering and neatening up the space.

You can buy a shower caddy that can be suctioned onto the wall so you can lift your shampoo, conditioner and body wash off of the floor. This way, they will not become wet or mouldy from the moisture of the shower floor. For your bath, look for a corner shelving unit or bathroom accessories set that can fit neatly into the corner that is easiest to reach. Be sure that it is stable enough to hold your products. You can place your most-used items on the middle shelf and your special products at the top, making it easier to manage.

Declutter that counter

If you have a bathroom counter that is unusable due to clutter, it is time to crack down on your cleaning. First, remove everything from the counter and clean it thoroughly. Once it is clean, you can start organising the surface and sorting through what you actually use and what you might have forgotten you own.

You can use a tray to store items such as hand soap, face wipes and a toothbrush holder on a  pretty mirrored tray close to the sink. Keep your makeup inside its container to keep your counter free of extra clutter. Some bathroom vanities come with drawers, making it easy to organise your counter. You can put it in a matching container for a cohesive counter or you can place your makeup in a drawer to keep it out of sight and organised. Use a hand wash dispenser instead of a bar of soap to wash your hands as this will look tidier and you will avoid getting soap scum on your counter.

Make use of vertical space

If you are able to drill into your bathroom wall, you can install shelving above your toilet. This will allow you to make use of your vertical space, which will free up floor space and make a smaller bathroom feel larger. This will also help to remove clutter from the other surfaces.

Be sure that the shelving you choose is not too heavy to be placed on a wall and use the right brackets to hold it up. If you want to make the room look extra stylish, you can invest in floating shelves and paint them in the same colour as your walls. Or paint them in solid colours which contrast the rest of the room. Using vertical space is effective in organising your bathroom because it frees up counter space and can be used for medicines or toiletries that are not used regularly.

Simply spa-like

An organised and neat bathroom can make it feel like a spa in the comfort of your own home. But you will need to have all the most important items within easy reach for comfort while bathing or showering. Start by managing your medicine cabinet, then move on to decluttering your counter and tidying up your tub. Make use of vertical space so that there is more room on your counters and the floor. Soon your bathroom will become an oasis of calm and serenity.