The Advantages of Sharing a Serviced Office Complex


Many start-up enterprises opt for housing their businesses in a shared, serviced office complex. It’s a great way to save money, as well as to meet and network with other professionals and entrepreneurs, while still retaining a lot of freedom. There are many other benefits to sharing office space that might not seem immediately apparent, but certainly make a difference in the long run.


Sharing means easy networking


Sharing your office space with lots of other companies at the same stage as yours gives you connections and contacts that you wouldn’t get normally. Just by walking through the same door five days a week you’ll get to know people in an organic, unforced manner. The contacts you make at  “generic office space SW1” will prove to be invaluable and may well lead to extra business later down the line.


Sharing means brainstorming


If you’re stuck in a loop with a problem, head next door to your chums. They might take your mind off it for a few minutes, giving you enough mental space to have that lightbulb moment. Or – they may actually have the answer themselves. They might know someone who provides the service you’re after, or they might be able to recommend a great invoice discounting company. Their experience will be just different enough from yours to provide new insights.

Image: Flickr user InvernoDreaming


Sharing means a big watercooler moment


As well as providing advice, contacts and networking opportunities, your co-sharers can become your friends and confidantes as well. It can be lonely being an entrepreneur or working in a start-up and it’s vital to talk to other people who “get” what you’re about and can offer a sympathetic ear. This is something you don’t get if you’re working at a coffee shop or at home. Even better, because you’re not actually working with these people, you keep a bit of healthy distance.


Sharing means a professional-looking meeting room


Having your office based in a shared serviced complex means you get the use of a professional conference room or meeting space for your clients. Your company will have the advantage on lots of other start-ups or sole service providers who have to bring clients to their home, or to that coffee shop.

Sharing means you can modify your working environment to suit you


If you’ve been working from home for ages and find yourself holding conference calls in a fleecy onesie, or the isolation is robbing you of inspiration and get-up-and-go, it’s time to find an office. With a small office you can hang up the “Do Not Disturb” sign when you want peace, or head on out to the kitchen when you want a chat. If you’ve previously been working in a coffee shop, you won’t have had that amount of control over the noise, or over who sits next to you. Shared offices give you the best of both worlds.