These can decrease your property value

House and money

The day you decide to move from your beloved abode, you are not only leaving memories behind. You leave behind everything that could end up being an eyesore or a burden for the next owner. Keep an eye out for the most popular property value decreases that could cost you losing potential buyers.


A pool


This one may be hard to believe, but a pool can’t always bring in buyers – especially if it is unexpected. Swimming pools can be quite a hassle and the maintenance can be costly. In affluent neighbourhoods, buyers are more likely expecting to see a pool, and thus wouldn’t mind the upkeep of one.


A small garage or the lack thereof


The buyers most likely don’t know the area in which they want to move into, and would be sceptical to leave their vehicle parked outside. Street parking has never been appealing to any buyer and would put you at a disadvantage of getting your home to sell. For a family of 5, a small garage will not suffice. Larger families tend to stow away a lot miscellaneous items in the garage.


An obscure floor plan


If they like small, intimate and cosy, they would search for the first home loan calculators that pop up to see if they qualify for financing. Some buyers like the cosy feel of small rooms, and others may find it unattractive and may feel that it is an inconvenient layout.


Outdated appliances or systems


If you have outdated appliances, that isn’t necessarily part the household theme and doesn’t quite work effectively the way it used to, then this could hamper a sale. If the electrical and plumbing systems are antiqued, then update them so that the new owner doesn’t have the headache having to do it.


A bad roof
Fix the roof of your home as this could steer any potential buyers away. Before selling, always fix up anything in the home that could decrease the value of the property. Everyone wants a solid roof over their heads and no one wants to taken on another person’s nightmare. To replace or fix up a damaged roof can cost a pretty penny, so if yours is not in a top not notch condition, the price tag of your home will decrease.