Tips for first time roommates


A shared living space among friends, loved ones or even strangers, requires good communication, compromise and organisational skills. Applying these attributes will unfold into positive roommate relations and a tidy environment. Sharing a home with people can be tough as different personality types share a common space.


Create a tidy space


Living with multiple people in an apartment or group house can open the door for a cluttered mess in minutes. Keys, mail and jackets can cause a mountain of clutter. If it doesn’t have a specific spot,  it’s likely to end up on the floor. The solution for this cluttered mess is having hooks, shelves and baskets to keep your space in order.


Assign easy to lose items to hang on hooks or to be placed in baskets. Hangs keys on hooks to prevent a pile up on the coffee table. Store mail and any other notifications in a basket, which you can hang below your keys.


Claim what’s yours


If you have to share cupboard space with your roommate, equally split the number of drawers, shelves, and hanging space to help you and roomie stay organised and harmonious. If you’re bickering over space, consider buying furniture that doubles as storage space. When it comes to sharing the food in the fridge, be sure to ask your roommate how they feel about snacking on each other’s food. You might be okay with it, but your roommate might not be. Use the bottom drawer of the fridge to help divide what’s fair game and what’s not.


The bathroom


The bathroom can be challenge to keep clean especially if there’s a house full of people. You might clean it the morning, then two hours later it won’t be as spotless as you left it. Finding your beautiful bathroom sets and towels lying on the floor can be upsetting to anyone. Establish a rule that no towels or laundry should be left on the floor. Utilise wall hooks to hang washcloths and towels. Divide house chores equally among each other and rotate the schedules often.


Keep the peace


The only way to keep the peace is by having positive conversation and keep working as a team. You may fight sometimes or have eye rolls but get over it and get things done. By establishing house rules you and roommate can agree on will make things fair and your living arrangement much simpler.