10 Ways to transform you spare room


Most people have a favourite room in the house and they love it for different reasons. Maybe they spend time reading there or playing their guitar or they spend it trying out different recipes all day. If you have a room in your house that’s vacant and has just become your dumping ground why don’t you better utilise it by turning it into your favourite space? You could brainstorm creative ways to utilise this room. You don’t have to limit your spare room to a traditional guest room, you could turn it into a room you’ll use on a regular basis.

Here are different ways you can use your spare room.

Music room

If you’re a budding musician you can turn the spare room into a music room. As a musician, you’ll need room to practise and place all your equipment, such as instruments, amplifiers and speakers. In order to buffer the noise, you could add bookshelves and place them against the walls and a heavy door and rug.  


If you need to work from home and a place where you can answer business calls privately without any loud background noise then a home office will be perfect for you. You can be productive, without distraction. Turning an unused spare room into a home office can be done just by adding filing cabinets, shelves, a desk and a comfortable chair. Make sure there’s enough light in the room to keep from straining your eyes.


If you’re a fitness enthusiast or you just want to lead a healthier lifestyle why don’t you turn the spare room into a gym? Driving to a gym isn’t ideal for everyone. And having a gym in your home could be convenient and save you time and petrol. You could add a treadmill, a punching bag and other equipment you might need. Just make sure you add wooden floors because they can handle the heavy gym equipment better.

Art studio

If you’re a creative and dream of a place where you can spend the day painting or drawing then the room could be perfect as an art studio. Place a shelf and a desk so you can put all your containers with art material. If you’re going to use the space to paint you should also add a sink so you can rinse off all your containers and paint brushes when you finish your work each day.

Literary lovers fantasy

Imagine having a room in your house where you can curl up on your couch and lose yourself in a good book. You could transform your spare room into a library by making it cosy and warm. Add a comfortable lounge suite, blankets and a pile of pillows. You should also add floor-to-ceiling bookshelves against the wall

Rent out the room

If you need extra money you could rent out the room to students, interns or backpackers. There are many people who need a place to stay and you could provide a solution while turning a profit. If you have an ensuite, you could charge the room a higher price than the average room because they’ll have their own bathroom. Just make sure your bathroom sets are in top condition and the room is neat in order to attract customers.  

Boutique closet

If your drawers or reach-in closet is bursting with clothes then you could need more room. So why not create a room for your clothes and shoes in your house. You can add mirrors, a mannequin and a seating area. The room should be organised and your clothes stacked on the shelves neatly. And it should also be clean and free from clutter to give it a boutique feel. You could also colour coordinate your clothes so you can find them more easily.

Play area

If you’re tired of your kids messing up the house why don’t you give yourself peace of mind by adding a play room for them in your house? This could be the room where they could litter their toys all over. You could also add tables where they can paint and draw, this will give them a space to be creative without messing up other rooms in the house.

Guest room

This isn’t original concept but you can use the spare room as a guest room for your visitors when they need to sleepover. Turn the space into a room which is inviting and where your guest can sleep like babies. Buy a comfortable bedding set, add great lighting and beautiful decor.

Mud room

If the room is near the outside entrance, why don’t you turn it into a mud room? You need to add racks and hooks for all the raincoats, jerseys and scarves which will be hung. You could also add a bench when it’s rainy outside people can sit down and take off their boots or shoes while sitting down. You could put a washing machine in there so when people come into the room they can add all their dirty socks and wet jerseys without dripping and dirtying the whole house.

The ways you can use your spare room are endless.  Whether you want to go the traditional route and turn into a guest room or you want to do something unconventional by turning it into a music room, the possibilities are endless.