5 habits of people who always have a clean home

bedroomDo you have a clean home? A home where you can accept unexpected guests and you don’t feel like you need to close most of the doors first so they can’t see the mess.

For some, keeping a clean home can feel daunting while for others it has become second nature. The secret is to create habits that become part of your everyday routine. Habits that ensure you have a clean home without having to try. You don’t need a housekeeper to keep your house tidy. And you don’t have to spend every day scrubbing your house from top to bottom to keep it clean. You’ll find out it’s much better to clean a little each day than everything at once if you make these habits your own.

If you consider yourself a messy person and would like to trial what life is like in a calm, organised home, why not adopt these five habits of tidy people?

They make their bed

Start your day by making your bed. Many feel that there’s no reason to make their bed if they’ll unmake it in the evening. However, making your bed in the morning makes your entire bedroom appear more neat and tidy.

If there’s one thing you can control in the day’s chaos that’s waiting for you, it’s your bed. It only takes a few minutes if not seconds. This easy task sets your day up for success. Making your bed is a chance for you to literally put yesterday to bed and make way for the opportunities of a new day. It’ll help you start your day with a sense of productivity that’s likely to carry through to the next thing you do. It’ll look nice, so make it a habit.

They tidy up as they go

Did you try out a few outfits before picking your look for the day? Put your clothes that you’re not going to wear away. Or did you maybe used a few pans when preparing breakfast? Clean it up and put it all away before you leave in the morning. Or pack everything in the dishwasher and make a note to take it out and pack it away later. Try to incorporate this into your daily routine and there’ll be a lot less lying around.

It may sometimes be tempting to leave clothes on the floor after a long day, instead, try to place worn clothes straight in the laundry. Your house will be kept in order.

They do their laundry regularly

Doing the laundry can be a boring and tiresome task. Unfortunately, it can’t be avoided. So rather try to stay on top of it. Keep your clothes moving through the laundry so that things don’t build up. Get a laundry routine and stick to it. Washing clothes on a regular basis not only means you’ll never run out of clean shirts and pants but it will also keep the dirty pile from becoming overwhelming.

They declutter daily

Everyone has unnecessary things lying around the house. Some more than others. Clutter in your home can make you feel stressed out. Get rid of all unnecessary things like old newspapers, unopened mail or old clothes. You don’t have to delay the process by setting out a specific day to do it. Do it immediately. The sooner you get rid of it, the better. Decluttering your home will lead to you being more organised and have the energy to face life again. Clutter in your home usually creates a weird, off putting smell. While decluttering, you can make use of Airoma’s Essence Range to bring a fresh smell in your home. If you keep things clean and in place, then there’s no need to worry about decluttering.

They clean as they cook

Similar to tidying up as you go, you should clean as you cook. You want to cook a fresh, hot dinner for your family, but at the end of a long day it’s a tough task to take on. Not only do you have to prepare food but also clean afterwards. And cooking can sometimes feel like a marathon. The key to a clean kitchen is multitasking while you’re cooking. While waiting for food to get boil or bake, wash your used utensils or place dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Wipe down the surfaces that you’re finished using along the way. Starting with a clean kitchen is a time saver. If there are already dishes in the sink you’re not likely to feel like cooking at all. Perhaps you can make time to deep clean your kitchen so you don’t have to clean as much every time.

Creating these habits means you will always stay on top of your home cleaning. And it stops the chore of cleaning being so overwhelming. Note that these habits are for everyone in the house because you all live there. This can be difficult for families at first but get your kids to try and help you, one chore at a time.