5 innovative tips to showcase your shop

Finding the perfect retail location is crucial to the success of your business – but that’s only half the business battle.

Creating an innovative shopping environment offers customers a unique experience — and makes your shop stand out from competitors.

Combined with great service, this imprints an emotional connection that makes customers feel great and keeps your till ringing.

So here are five innovative tips to showcase your shop.

pop-up shop

In-shop cafe

When customers feel relaxed they’re more inclined to browse at their leisure. But if their stomachs are rumbling they might abandon ship to seek solace in the nearest bar or cafe.

Oasis has invested in a cool cocktail bar in their London flagship store to capture customers for as long as possible. This transforms shopping from a simple transaction to a social experience shared with friends and family.

But even if a boutique bar is beyond your budget, having a selection of homemade baking and tea on tap is a great way to make customers feel warm and welcome.

Win with Wi-Fi

Providing free Wi-Fi is another relatively inexpensive way of ensuring customers stay a little longer and make lasting connections.

You can use it to capture valuable data for promotions and loyalty schemes — and customers can sing your praises on social media before they’ve walked out the door.

Firms like wireless social can guide you through the set up process and explain how an initial outlay can lead to long-term dividends.

Maximise your space

If you get the opportunity to design your shop interior from scratch then mull over making the most of your space.

When you prefer products to take centre stage avoid bulky stands and display cases that force customers into narrow claustrophobic channels.

A minimalist design will keep shoppers calm and ensure that your products take pride of place.

And mezzanine floors are a magnificent way of creating an attractive architectural feature and an entirely new floor to showcase products.

Become a community hub

The kudos you’ll gain from community involvement boosts your retail reputation brilliantly.

So if you can donate a portion of profits to a worthy local project you’ll definitely win hearts and minds.

But sometimes time is even more valuable than money — free up your shop space for a few hours a week as a meeting place or become a business mentor for young entrepreneurs.

Pop-up shops

Pop-up shops are an excellent way of taking your unique products and services to new customers outside your neighbourhood.

And if you can bag a prime spot at a music event or market you’ll tie-in your brand with a trendy crowd.

You can also combine your pop-up shop with a clever PR campaign and position it to drive footfall straight through your shop doors.

Use these five innovative tips to showcase your shop and it won’t be long until cash-laden customers burst through your doors.

What are your top tips for a successful shop? Share your stories in the comments section.