6 ways to decorate your dining room

Our dining rooms are precious spaces in the house. This is where we eat, drink and be merry with our friends and families on occasion. Some may use this room every single day so it ought to be beautifully decorated and ready to entertain your guests.

We’re going to look at six ways you could decorate your dining room using different furnishings. It’s up to you to examine your own dining room and see whether these items will be a viable decorative option in terms of space and layout.

You also need to choose the right materials and colours to match the existing theme of your dining room. Unless, of course, you’re looking to undergo an entire dining room renovation, then you have free reign to choose whatever you like.

Incorporate nature


Natural elements indoors is always a winner with interior design. And in your dining room, it’s not a difficult trend to incorporate.

Your table, chairs and other dining furniture can be made of solid wood. Or, you could simply incorporate living plants in your dining room. You could go all out with a living green wall section on your dining room walls or more subtle with indoor, potted plants.

Indoor plants provide a variety of benefits but, for the most part, they bring life into a room and make it look beautiful. They’re also an affordable and space-efficient décor option for those with a smaller dining area.

A decorative rug


If you have a minimalist dining room that’s missing a small touch of colour, texture and décor, then you should consider buying a decorative rug. Rugs underneath the dining tables and chairs are also a way of distinguishing the space when it might, otherwise, be shared with the kitchen or living room area.

A decorative rug will add an element of style and you’ll easily be able to find one that complements the rest of the dining room’s theme and furniture. There’s a wide variety of materials, colours and patterns that come in all shapes and sizes to be the perfect décor addition to your dining room.

Dining chairs


There’s no rule that says your chairs have to match your dining table. In fact, it’s becoming a dining room trend to mismatch your dining chairs around the table. And, as long as you know how to do it tastefully, this is a great way to introduce or contrast colours, make a bold statement and decorate your dining room with little effort.

If you don’t want different styles of chairs around one table, then you could always choose to have one type of chair that’s different, but still complementary, to the table. For example, you could buy a patterned chair set of six to put around your solid wooden dining room table and that would be more interesting than matching solid wooden chairs.

Pendant lights


A dining room needs good lighting. After all, you’d like to know what you’re eating. But recessed lights aren’t the only type of lights for sale for dining rooms. It has become popular to have a chandelier or pendant lights hung above the dining room table as a statement décor item.

There are a variety of decorative lights for sale in South Africa and online that can make your light fixtures the art pieces of the dining room. And with one pendant or chandelier light in the middle above the table, it will be easy to accentuate the light’s features with the rest of the room’s décor.

A sideboard


If you have the extra space in your dining room, consider adding a sideboard or buffet table as a functional and decorative furnishing. Not only will you be able to store and display your occasional dinnerware, but you’ll have an extra surface to decorate with candles, flowers and table lamps to lift the room.  

It’s also a creative way to bring colour into the room, complement the existing furniture and reinforce the room’s theme. It would be a bonus to find a sideboard with an integrated wine rack to add an extra element of décor from its design and a convenience at dinner parties to readily keep the glasses full.

A mirror


And to pull all your décor together, you can add a mirror to your dining room and double your decorative efforts.

Mirrors will catch the colour of your plants and the shimmer of your pendant lights and reflect it back to the room. Mirrors are also a great decorating tool to make a room feel more spacious and you can choose a frame design that complements the style of your dining area.

And there are your six ways to decorate your dining room.