7 things you’re doing that’s damaging your couch

Couches are long-term investments. If you think about all the furniture in your home, your couch is likely to be one of the more expensive items because you need and want it to last as long as possible. While many upholstery companies attach a warranty to their furniture, you still need to look after your purchase.

By protecting your couch and setting the right rules to ensure that anyone who sits on it looks after it just as well as you do, you will be able to keep your furniture looking sharp for many years to come.

Now, you might think you’re looking after your furniture, and you probably are, but there are small things you might be doing every day that is influencing your couch in a negative way. Here they are:

You make the mistake of sitting in the same area every day

As humans, we like to make a habit out of everything that we do. So, considering that everything we do forms a habit over a certain period of time, it is no surprise that you sit in the same section of your couch every day. If this sounds like something you do, you’re damaging your couch. The reason for this is that you’re wearing one section in, affecting the entire structure of the couch. If you want your couch to look visually-appealing for years, try and distribute your weight evenly across the couch.

You allow people or animals to jump on it

Any moving weight will cause distress to your couch. It’s not a good idea to throw yourself on your couch by jumping on it. No matter how excited you are, this is going to damage the frame. Treat your couch gently and it will last you many years of comfort and happiness.

You sleep on your couch regularly

It’s one thing falling asleep on your couch once in a blue moon, but sleeping on your couch regularly is going to damage it significantly. Putting a heavy weight on your couch over a prolonged period of time is going to cause the cushioning to deteriorate and the exterior material to sag.

You forget to clean or maintain your couch

Believe it or not, there is plenty of dirt and bacteria on your couch. Be it from the dust in the air, the dirt from your clothing and body odour, you need to clear your couch to avoid a build up. Clean your couch by vacuuming it, changing your pillows around and washing your pillowcases, as well as make sure you clean any spillage or food crumbs immediately. If you prefer to have a thorough clean done by professionals, be sure to give it a clean every year or two. Another tip is to do your research on the best couch protectors in South Africa or slipcovers for couches in South Africa. There are so many trendy options to choose from, and the best part is that they’ll keep your couches protected and clean.

You’ve put your couch in a sunny area

Often people tend to place their couches close to the window. As lovely as this can look and as convenient as it may be for the space, you’re damaging your couch. Sunlight is known to bleach fabric, and this is especially visible on darker colour couches. If you are going to place your couch next to the window, keep your curtains or blinds closed during the day. Or purchase a few sets of sofa covers available for sale in South Africa or surrounds to protect your couches from the sun and general day-to-day damage.

You don’t have rules for what can or can’t happen on your couch

Most people think that couch rules are mainly for people with children or pets. But this is not the case. You need to have rules for any person who sits on your couch. Do not allow people to eat on your couch or drink anything for that matter. If you want to be more lenient with your rules, look at a protective spray that will help you to quickly remove any mess before it leaves a stain.

You treat your furniture badly

If you’re moving, be sure to move your furniture gently. The poor condition of your couch will show after years of mistreating. Do not stack heavy items or equipment on your couch as this will damage the frame. If you need to move it, always pick it up. Try to refrain from dragging your couch or pulling it to move it. All of these rough and reckless movements will impact your couch’s quality in the long-term.