A-Frame House Plans for Mountain Living

There isn’t any architecture that is more expressive than the unique A-frame home. Its outstanding peak is built to mimic its surroundings. This could be anything from the mountain tops surrounding it to the pine trees it sits within. Whatever it may be, there is something truly special about these homes and its look really does make it ideal as a vacation home. This could be the reason for the recurrent reinvention of this elegant design.

Defining the Roof

Looking at the roof of this building, you can see how it got its A-frame name, as it really does mimic the look of a capital A. Modern interpretations of this design can be considered to be a little bit skewed. Architects continue to assign a downward slope to both sides of the structure, as well as a symmetrical peak, even though it may have a negative impact on the rest of the structure. Dismissing today’s unpractical versions, the classic form of the A-frame would have a steep peak with a lengthy, slanted but symmetrical roof on each side, which can be extended almost all the way to the floor.

Why This Style is So Admired

This modern architectural masterpiece was inspired by R.M. Schindler, an architect who designed it for a client. This idea was first built as a cabin in 1934, near Lake Arrowhead, California. After two decades, the post-modern American was shocked by the unforced trend of Andrew Geller’s Sagaponack, New York interpretation of a beach vacation home with an A-frame style. After that, Americans adored how this building looked, as well as its simple yet clean structure. Many companies began to sell both big and small plans, which offered an A-frame assembly kit. The downside to this was that this design became less original as it began to dominate lakeside resorts and ski villages.

A-Frame Pros

The scalability of an A-frame home plan is simple. The cost of constructing this design doesn’t have to break the bank. With a number of pitched, cathedral-like windows, as well as a typical open floor plan, this home can easily become very impressive. The installation of a ‘window wall’ to the front of this house can be done with ease. When angled correctly, it can capitalize on the trajectory of the sun, which would make it a stunning, bright, open space to spend your time in. Buying plans and the construction of an A-frame home is easy to do. So, whether it’s a small home or a vacation home that is big and spacious, adjusting the plans to your needs couldn’t be easier. 

A-Frame Cons

Unfortunately, the main problem that comes with the A-frame is its pitched roof. This steep roof style can be considered environmentally unfriendly, as it isn’t insulated very well. This means a lot of energy is regularly wasted. Also, if the roof needs to be replaced, it can rack up a large bill. The sloped roof can also make the interior difficult to decorate.

Decade after decade, this piece of modern architecture continues to grab the attention of both architects and their clients. Everything has a downside, but putting those issues aside, the popularity and constant updates of this design meanthat it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.