How to achieve property privacy from your neighbours

Neighbours aren’t all bad but, let’s be honest, everyone still needs their personal space and wants some privacy. And that’s not to say that all neighbours are nosy people either, it’s just good to know that you can’t be watched from outside your property borders. There are a few ways you can achieve this kind of property privacy and make your garden and home look beautiful in the process.


Trees, hedges and shrubs don’t only make your garden lovely to look at, but are a good way to cover the house up and install some privacy from any possibly prying eyes. Many people choose to use greenery for privacy with houses that face the road. It’s also a bit of a security measure to discourage any wall-climbers or curious onlookers to scour your property.

The benefit of making use of greenery for privacy (other than, well, privacy) is a green garden and something pleasant to see when you look out of your windows. There will be birds, bees, shade and fresh air in the garden and you can enjoy it all in the peace and security of your own property.

If you have a large garden, consider layering your garden with a combination of shrubs, bushes and trees to cover as much of your property as possible while owning the best garden on the block. It’s a win-win situation.


Another option, that is also a natural and good-looking privacy barrier, is wooden fencing. Tall fences with vertical greenery growing along them is a great way to subtly ask your neighbours for some privacy without closing them off completely.

Wooden fencing will take up less space than all the greenery mentioned above, so this is a suitable solution for a smaller garden. And with paint, planter boxes and lattice-design details, you can really make them look beautiful. If you have a pool in the garden, you’d also want to consider installing a fence for child safety as well as privacy.

Add a layer

If you already have a fence, shrubbery or wall in place between you and your neighbours, but you still don’t feel like you’ve reached the maximum privacy you were hoping for, then consider adding a layer.

Find out what the height restrictions are for your area and see how much higher you can extend your concrete wall, fences or hedges. Not only will this ensure that the neighbours can’t peer over the wall or let their dogs jump over the wall, this will add a layer of security to stop anyone from being able to easily scale the wall and break in.

Buzz-in access

Fencing your property borders off and installing a buzz-in access system will make sure there are no more knocks on the door at random times of the day from your neighbour coming round just to have a small-chat conversation. By putting up a gate, neighbours will be less inclined to just “pop in”.

Water feature

Now, there isn’t much you can do about the noise you or your neighbours make. But the least you can do is put in a water feature to add to the calm and exclusivity of your garden and home. It won’t drown out your neighbours, but, amongst the wall of greenery and garden fences, you’ll forget you’re in a neighbourhood setting and be able to enjoy your family home.

Long driveway

If you’re up for a bit of renovation and have the space to do it, you can combine the buzz-in access, fencing and greenery measures with a long driveway to increase your privacy and security. This will limit the view of your house from the street and make it nearly impossible for neighbours to even see where your house is, let alone look into your house.

Curtains and blinds

No matter what you do, there may still be a section of house or slither amongst the greenery that exposes a room or area of your home. Especially if you live in a double-story house. There are only so many trees you can plant and it will take them a long while to grow them to the height you’d like them to be to protect the view of your balcony.

In those cases, you’ll need to have privacy measure from the inside of the house as well. Curtains and blinds in all the windows will help you achieve this. Even if you choose to use sheer curtains to distort the view from the outside, but keep the natural light streaming inside the house, you’ll be adding to your property’s privacy.

You decide on the level of privacy you need and put measures in place. And it’s not you being rude to your neighbours by shutting them out completely. That’s why it’s easier to go the garden-makeover route, no-one will be able to blame you.